List of Courses/Programmes offered in Accra Technical University

Are you interested in applying for admission to Accra Technical University? Discover the programs available at Accra Technical University for the academic year 2024/2025.

Accra Technical University university provides a diverse array of programs, including BTech, HND, diploma, and various other offerings.

Programs Available at Accra Technical University for the Academic Year 2024/2025. Below is a list of programs offered at the university.

Accra Technical University Courses

BTech Programs Offered at ATU

1. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
2. Water and Sanitation Engineering
3. Interior Design and Technology (Morning)
4. Medical Laboratory Science
5. Cyber Security
6. Accounting and Finance Analytics (Morning)
7. Bachelor of Technology in Logistics and Transport Management
8. Management Information System
9. Civil Engineering
10. Biomedical Equipment Technology
11. Public Relations and Digital Communication
12. Medical Imaging Technology

Please note that applications for these programs are not yet open.

2-Year Top-Up BTech Degree Programs

1. Building Technology
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Automobile Engineering
4. Bachelor of Technology—Electrical/Electronic Engineering
5. Bachelor of Technology (Power and Automation Engineering option)
6. Bachelor of Technology (Telecommunications Engineering option)
7. Civil Engineering
8. Medical Laboratory Science (Top-up level 200-Evening or 300-Weekend)
9. Bachelor of Technology: Science Laboratory Technology (Evening/Weekend)
10. Bachelor of Technology (Analytical Chemistry option)
11. Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Technology option)
12. Bachelor of Technology (Industrial Biochemistry option)
13. Bachelor of Technology (Food Analysis Option)
14. Statistics
15. Computer Science
16. Fashion Design and Textiles
17. Hospitality Management
18. Procurement and Supply Chain Management
19. Accounting
20. Banking and Finance
21. Secretaryship and Management Studies
22. Marketing
23. Interior Design Technology

HND Science and Technology Programs at ATU

1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
3. Building Technology
4. Civil Engineering
5. Interior Design and Technology
6. Furniture Design and Production
7. Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)
8. Statistics
9. Computer Science
10. Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM)

HND Business and Arts Programs at ATU

1. Accountancy
2. Marketing
3. Purchasing and Supply
4. Secretaryship and Management Studies
5. Bilingual Secretaryship and Management Studies
6. Fashion Design and Textiles

Diploma Programs at Accra Technical University

1. International Certificate in Logistics and Transport (CILT)
2. Biomedical Technician Maintenance Technician Program
3. International Diploma in Logistics and Transport (DILT)
4. International Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport (ADILT)
5. Business Administration
6. Computerized accounting
7. Banking Technology and Accounting
8. Public Relations

We also offer non-tertiary programs, including:

1.  Construction Technician Course (Part I and II)
2. Mechanical Engineering Technician Part I
3. Motor Vehicle Technician Part I
4. Electrical Engineering Technician (Part I and II)
5. Refrigeration Technician, Part II
6. Diploma in Business Studies in various areas:
7. Secretarial
8. Accounting
9. Management
10. Purchasing and Supply
11. Marketing
12. Statistics
13. Entrepreneurship
14. ICT
15. Advanced Fashion
16. Science Laboratory Technician

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