Ashi Polytechnic School Fees 2024/2025

The management of Ashi Polytechnic wishes to inform all new and prospective applicants who recently received admission to Ashi Polytechnic that the school fees schedule for 2024/2025 is now available. Candidates are always eager to confirm their admission after Ashi Poly releases its admission list, which makes it harder for them to find the school fees that new students must pay.

Ashi Poly’s school fees for new students are crucial, especially for freshmen, as failure to pay them on time could prevent you from taking the semester examination. We will give you information about the school fees that newly admitted students must pay in this post, regardless of the course that is being offered.

However, you could bookmark this page so that you can easily follow the steps involved in paying Ashi Poly school fees as authorized by the university administration.

With the exception of a review that the university senate may decide to conduct, the amount of Ashi Poly’s school fees is not significantly different from that of the previous academic session. Furthermore, the process for verifying the payment of Ashi Poly’s tuition for the 2024/2025 academic year is the same as it was for the previous academic year.

Below is the breakdown of the Ashi Poly school fees for this academic session.

Ashi Polytechnic School Fees Schedule For Fresh Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

Accountancy 35,000 10,000
Business Administration 35,000 10,000
Computer Science 35,000 10,000
Computer Engineering 35,000 10,000
Electrical/Electronic Engineering 35,000 10,000
Catering and Hotel Management 35,000 10,000
Mass Communication 35,000 10,000
Statistics 35,000 10,000
Accountancy 31,000 10,000
Business Administration 31,000 10,000
Computer Science 31,000 10,000
Electrical/Electronic Engineering 31,000 10,000
Mass Communication 31,000 10,000

Please be aware that Ashi Poly requires tuition payments for new and returning students to be made per session rather than per semester, and that only the Ashi Poly portal may be used to make these payments. Under no circumstances should you use a platform other than the university’s portal to pay your tuition.

Please take note that the comment section is the proper place to direct any questions regarding the Ashi Poly school fee schedule for new students for the 2024/2025 academic session.