Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance Fee For New Students 2024/2025 Session

As a newly admitted student of Auchi Polytechnic, you may be faced with the issue of knowing exactly how much to pay for the acceptance fee. We are here to tell you that you are not the only one. A lot of newly admitted students are also in your shoes; hence the purpose of this article. This article seeks to answer your questions about the cost of the Auchi Polytechnic acceptance fee and the procedure to pay the said amount.

An acceptance fee is an amount payable by a newly admitted student to indicate that he/she has accepted the admission offered by the institution he/she is admitted to. Continue reading this piece for more information.

Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance Fee For New Students 2024

Auchi Polytechnic has released the exact cost of the acceptance fee for fresh students 2024/2025 session, if you are interested in this information, continue reading. As we earlier mentioned, an acceptance fee is payable by all fresh students irrespective of the department they gain admission into; this is to indicate that they have accepted the admission they were offered.

Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance Fee For Newly Admitted Students 2024/2025

Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance Fee costs Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) only for both indigenes and non-indigenes. All freshers are required to pay this fee as soon as they confirm their names on the admission list.

Please note that the acceptance fee is subject to change at the discretion of the management of the Polytechnic, you are therefore advised to reconfirm the cost before proceeding to pay this fee. newly admitted students should endeavor to pay the said fee within the stipulated period as directed by the management of the institution as failure to comply means automatic forfeiture of admission.

How To Pay Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance Fee Online

  1. After confirming admission status, go to the department where admitted and FIRST do the departmental clearance.
  2.  Login to the morning portal ( to accept the admission using the Auchi Polytechnic application number (e.g EEE/ND1718/99999 OR EEE/HND1718/99999) as the username and password.
  3. Click Accept Admission and fill out the Eligibility form with the O’level results then submit it online also to do online clearance.
  4. For fresh HND students, All Auchi Polytechnic ND returnees MUST ensure they type the last 5 digits of their ND Matriculation Number when requested during the acceptance stage.
  5. Having accepted the admission offer online, the students are expected to print out their Acceptance Form that carries their unique matriculation number. Candidates must ensure that their Matriculation Number tallies with their departments.
  6. Ensure to print out copies of their Notification of Admission (Admission Letter).
  7. Login to the portal ( now with the matriculation number and sign up as a new user
  8. Click Generate RRR payment invoice (Remita Reference Number) that will carry both acceptance fee and administrative charges together
  9. Take the RRR invoice to any bank and make payments or pay via the Internet (mobile banking) into Auchi Polytechnic TSA (Treasury Single Account).
  10. The bank will give the student an e-receipt that must be kept safely.
  11. NO PAYMENTS ARE DONE THROUGH REMITA.NET. Any student who makes payments there CANNOT PROCEED with Online Registration.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with proper guidance on the Auchi Polytechnic Acceptance For New Students 2024, please go through this article properly so as to gain from the knowledge we have shared. If you have more questions for us regarding this topic, we are happy to help; just send in your questions via the comment section, and we will send a response as quickly as possible.