10 Best Medical Schools in Ghana

If you are an international student or residing in Ghana and want to pursue a degree in medicine, then we have published a list of the best medical schools in Ghana to choose from. So read on to see the top school of medicine in Ghana to apply for admission.

The Government of Ghana has taken active steps to provide and improve its medical schools for the purpose of increasing the doctor/patient ratio – which is quite very low.

Since the first medical school became operational in Ghana, the government has been even more proactive in opening more; there are currently 10 medical schools in the country.

Unarguably, obtaining a degree in medicine is seen as one of the decisions to take. This is a result of its high demand and value bestowed on it.

It typically takes at least seven years to become a medical professional. Being a doctor has its benefits, though. The gratification that comes from saving people’s lives while simultaneously assisting them in leading regular lives has a healing impact.

In this article, we will give a rundown of the list of the best medical schools in Ghana, their tuition fee, and other necessary requirements before being offered admission.

Best Medical Schools in Ghana

Below is a comprehensive list of the 10 best medical schools in Ghana.

1. University of Health and Allied Sciences, Volta Region

One of Ghana’s newest medical institutions, the University of Allied Health Sciences, holds a lot of potential for aspiring medical professionals.

With a cap of 154 students, the school just got started in 2012. You may anticipate that all medical equipment will be in good condition and completely operational as this facility is brand new. The majority of students say that the staff is “friendly and always eager to help.”

Also, the University of Allied Health Sciences seeks to educate medical students in the field of medicine in order to improve the Ghanaian health care system. In the not-too-distant future, it aspires to produce some of the top medical professionals in the country.

2. University for Development Studies School of Medicine, Tamale (UDUS)Through acute research and constant provision of health facilities, the University for Development Studies School of Medicine is one of those medical schools focused on solving a country’s health problem.

The institution is renowned for its distinctive teaching methodology and welcoming faculty. Since the medical school is associated with the Ghanaian government, you can be certain that it has top-notch medical laboratory equipment.

This school actively engages in training personnel in the fields of radiology, laboratory technology, physiotherapy, etc. in addition to training medical doctors in general so as to offer medical services in all their forms to the people of Ghana.

The school fees for undergraduate programs are around GHS 15,000 – GHS 20,000 per year, while postgraduate programs can range from GHS 25,000 – GHS 30,000 per year.

3. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School Of Medical Sciences (KNUST)One of the biggest cities in Ghana is Kumasi, which is also located at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Sciences. With a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, this top medical school in Ghana is also a good choice.

As one of the largest universities in Ghana, this institution was frequently held in high regard, and as a result, many people had high expectations for it in all areas.

Nearly 15 years after Ghana gained its independence, the school opened its doors, and five years later, its medical school was operational.

You may anticipate finding some of the most cutting-edge medical laboratory equipment in this medical school because it is entirely financed by the Ghanaian government.

The school fees for undergraduate programs are around GHS 15,000 – GHS 20,000 per year, while postgraduate programs can range from GHS 25,000 – GHS 30,000 per year.

4. University of Ghana Medical SchoolOne of the first public schools in Ghana is the University Of Ghana Medical School which is often known as one of the largest universities in Korle Bu with a Teaching Hospital in the country’s capital.

As a government-owned institution, it enjoys strong financial support and regularly replaces the equipment in its medical schools. A favorable learning environment is offered to students so they can study more effectively.

Ghanaian students are currently required to pay Ghc7,000 to the University of Ghana Medical School. You are advised to check the school’s official website for more details on its fee structure.

5. Family Health Medical SchoolThe family health medical school was inaugurated far back in 1997 as a family health system that comprises a Midwifery school alongside a nursing school.

The institution is situated in Korle Gonno which currently consists of a medical school for training medical students in Ghana. The Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine (MB ChB) program for the school health program lasts a period of six years.

Family Health Medical School is open to both Ghanaian students and international students. It charges a fee of Ghc40,000 for local students while for international students, it charges a fee of $12,500. You are advised to check the school’s official website for more details about its fee structure.

6. School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast situated in Ghana is a relatively new school of medicine that got its license to start training medical students in Ghana. Also, the institution has a fully-stocked laboratory in its medical schools as well as lecturers who are willing to walk students down the corridor of learning.

The University of cape coast school of medical science began in 2007 and has the potential of admitting 50 students per session. This slot is open to Ghanaian students as well as international students.

The low number of students per session helps lecturers give more attention to students and as such, you can be guaranteed of getting all your questions answered in this medical school.

The University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences charges a fee of Ghc14,000 for Ghanaian students and $19,000 for international students. You’re advised to visit the school’s official website for any changes.

7. The Accra College of MedicineAccra College of Medicine is Ghana’s premier medical school. The Ghanaian government established the school because the country’s requirement for medical professionals was growing along with the country’s population’s increased health needs.

Being the first medical school in the country, the Acrra College of Medicine continues to maintain a priority position in the Ghanaian government budget. Its laboratory houses some of the best and latest medical equipment in the country.

The institution, which has been recognized as Ghana’s top medical school, has a strong commitment to supplying the country with competent specialists to meet its medical needs.

One of Ghana’s top research-focused colleges, Acrra College of Medicine tries to find novel approaches to treating patients and educating its students. For this reason, it is also considered as one of the best institutions in Ghana.

The school fees for undergraduate programs are around GHS 15,000 – GHS 20,000 per year, while postgraduate programs can range from GHS 25,000 – GHS 30,000 per year.

It is crucial to remember that the listed school fees could change depending on the management of the various institutions and could change depending on the program and level of study. Once more, there might be extra charges for lodging, books, and other expenditures not mentioned here.

8. University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry

According to reports, The University of Ghana, School of Medicine, is well recognized as the best and the largest medical in Ghana.

The school was the first-ever medical school set up in the country built as a result of Ghana’s population’s need for more doctors to be trained in order to meet the country’s growing medical demands.

As a government-owned institution, the Korle Bu school receives a very large maintenance budgetary cut from the county. For improved learning, the institution is frequently well-funded and restocked with cutting-edge medical equipment.

The university’s dental school is dedicated to developing top-tier physicians and dentists through high-quality instruction, skill development, research training, and knowledge sharing.

Annual tuition fees at the University of Ghana Medical School are Ghc7,000 for students from Ghana. International students may have to pay higher.

9. The Accra School of Hygiene

The Accra School of Hygiene was first established in 1925. The School has attained historical excellence and has products serving in diverse capacities throughout the country and elsewhere.

However, there is a new demand for societal transformations, which calls for an equally efficient transformation in the competency areas of Occupational Health and Safety and Occupational Therapy.

The School is affiliated with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Some of the courses offered at the school are:




10. Community Health Nurse’s Training College

Another top medical school in Ghana is the Tanoso Community Health Nurses Training College. It is a public tertiary healthcare facility founded in the Tano North district of Ghana’s Brong Ahafo Region in October 2003. The institution’s operations are under the Ministry of Education’s control.

After students have finished the university’s three-year nursing training program, they are awarded a diploma in nursing by the University of Ghana. The activities, curriculum, and exams are governed by the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC).

A huge leap and a large, courageous step toward establishing an outstanding career are choosing to pursue your medical career at one of these authorized medical schools in Ghana. When you can intervene to save a life just before it is about to expire, the feeling that comes with it is truly beyond words.

Being a doctor or medical practitioner is a noble profession that is well worth the effort. In making your decisions, we hope this article will serve as a guide.

Requirements Needed To Study Medicine In Ghana

Medicine as a science-based course requires a high school graduate who was a science student who has a correct subject combination in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination or its equivalent before being considered for admission to any medical school in Ghana.

The subject combination needed includes Mathematics and English (compulsory), Biology, chemistry, and physics, with a minimum of a credit pass.

A student must also succeed on the entrance exam for medical school and/or the interview that the institution conducts.

The above are the top 10 best medical schools in Ghana. We’ve tried as much as possible to provide you with accurate fee estimates for each school. You’re advised to check the school’s official website for this though as fees are bound to change without notification.

If you have any questions as regards the top Schools of Medicine in Ghana for the 2024/2025 academic session, kindly reach out to us via our comment section below or better still visit our website for more updated information. We shall respond accordingly.