Best Polytechnics to Study Mass Communication in Nigeria

Mass Communication is one of the best courses studied by art students who graduated from high school in any well-known secondary school in Nigeria. This course has diversified career opportunities because it covers all facets of communication and technology at large.

Meanwhile, a lot of students are frustrated with Jamb and Universities which leaves them no other choice other than enrolling in a Polytechnic to study this four years degree course.

Many people think of polytechnics as educational institutions that focus primarily on teaching students practical skills. One has the chance to learn practical skills by studying mass communication in a polytechnic, which is quite desirable.

It is simpler to get accepted into a polytechnic, and the more practical teaching methods used there make it possible for students to easily understand and study a program like mass communication.

A polytechnic is a technical and tertiary institution of higher learning (such as a university or college) that focuses on engineering, technology, applied science, and natural sciences.

A Polytechnic offers two-degree programs

1. National Diploma (ND)

2. Higher National Diploma (HND)

Also, one can get an OND in Mass Communication in a polytechnic, after completing a 2 years course, thereafter could further the studies to get an HND and thereafter through direct entry be offered admission into 200 level to further studies in the university.

This article will serve as an eye-opener to readers by bringing into the limelight the Best Polytechnics to Study Mass Communication in Nigeria. Read carefully.

Best Polytechnics to Study Mass Communication in Nigeria


With the help of an Academic Board instrument, the YABATECH Department of Mass Communication was officially created in July 2003.

It was run under the General Studies Department (GNS), which until 2005 was overseen by the School of Management and Business Studies (SMBS).

The department became a full-fledged one with a significant Chair after a new School of Liberal Studies was established in 2005.

The department’s mission is to provide students with the technical and professional skills required for employment in a variety of fields related to mass media, including news agencies, corporate information services, radio, television, radio and television public relations, advertising, and newspaper and magazine publishing.


In October 2016, the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro’s mass communication department began classes with 43 students.

Five students received distinctions as the pioneering students graduated in October 2018. in keeping with the vision, which supports FPI’s corporate strategy. The academic team is highly qualified in both teaching and the field of mass communication.

Aside from other facilities, there are well-equipped studios, a photographic section, a departmental library with plenty of books, recording studios, and TV studios.

Students have the chance to put what they have learned in class into practice at Poly F.M 92.1, the department’s community radio station.


In Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, The Polytechnic of Ibadan was established in 1970 and is comparable to other polytechnics in Nigeria.

The institution was created to offer an alternative to traditional institutions for higher education, notably in the area of technical skill development.

The Mass Communication program aims to produce effective and efficient technologists with the necessary professional and practical skills for employment and job creation in the various sectors of the mass communication industry, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film, and video, news media, public relations, advertising, news agencies, and government and corporate information services.


Since its establishment in 1980, the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Mass Communication Department has led the way in producing seasoned professionals and highly skilled media practitioners in a variety of sectors of the Nigerian media industry, including news agencies, radio, television, film and video, and newspapers and magazines.


The pioneering Rector of the Polytechnic, Engr. Dr. (Mrs.) Taiwo Adeife Osemehikan founded Offa Poly’s mass communication department in 1999.

The department’s resources include a television studio, a cinematography arena, a public relations and advertising lab, a newsroom, a photography studio and laboratory, and a printing press.


In the fields of journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and photography, the Kwara Poly Department of Mass Communication, which was founded in 2010, has come to be associated with well-trained and well-behaved students.

The department has been accredited and re-accredited by the necessary regulatory organizations, including NBTE, APCON, and NIPR since it was founded.

The department has an advantage over others in the market for providing training for professionals in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and photography since it: Well-equipped studios for practicals; a fully certified program.


The Polytechnic is a public university that is available to all students and is situated in Yola, Adamawa state.

Mass communication is a subject studied at the institution. Using both practicals and theory, the institution educates its pupils.

You must purchase an application for admission and fulfill all admission requirements in order to enroll in the aforementioned polytechnic.


In Nekede, Owerri West local government area, Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria, there is where a federally funded higher education facility called the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede is situated.

They provide students with both academic and practical knowledge in the rapidly changing sector of mass communication thanks to their strong staff and cutting-edge training studios.

One of the most popular and rapidly expanding departments in the institution is the FPNO’s mass communication division.

Both the Higher National Diploma (HND) and the National Diploma (ND) have students who are all recognized by the National Board for Technical Education.


One of Nigeria’s first polytechnics, Kaduna Polytechnic is situated in the Tudun Wada neighborhood of Kaduna South local government in Kaduna State, in the country’s northwest.

The department of mass communication has students who have completed PGD, HND, and ND programs as well as standard Television and Radio Studios, Photo Studies, an Editing Center, and other Resources, including KPT F.M., which is eager to begin soon.


Located in Iree, Osun State, Nigeria, the Osun State Polytechnic, better known as OSPOLY, is a higher education facility. An earlier campus of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, was called The Polytechnic.

With its standard tools and resources for teaching students, the mass communication department is one of the most coveted in the university.

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