Best Programming Schools In Nigeria 2024

Searching for the best programming schools in Nigeria 2024? Then you have come to the right page. We have listed the best Programming Schools in Nigeria as of 2024. Read on to see the full list of our ranking.

In the past decade, technology has made significant strides, and virtually everything we interact with relies on code. From smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, our daily lives are intertwined with various devices.

However, the rapid advancement in technology has outpaced our ability to train a sufficient number of programmers to meet the growing demand. This has created a substantial gap in the job market for programming. Given the transformative impact of code and its ever-increasing pace of evolution, we are currently educating children for a future that remains uncertain and largely unknown to us.

Best Programming Schools In Nigeria 2024

1. Anchorsoft Academy: Located in Lagos, Anchorsoft Academy is an institution that specializes in providing training for software development. It is one of the numerous options available in Nigeria for learning computer programming, especially for individuals residing in Lagos.

2. Hiit Academy: Hiit is a Nigerian institution specializing in computer programming education.

They not only assert themselves as Nigeria’s leading homegrown IT training organization but have substantiated it. HiiT Plc has been delivering IT training, consulting, and development services for over twenty years.

They have accredited training facilities located in various Nigerian regions, including Abuja and Kano.

3. GNT Academy: GNT is a software development training institute situated in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The academy offers a range of diploma programs covering areas such as programming, web development, mobile app development, project management, and ethical hacking, among others. GNT serves as a comprehensive IT hub where students can engage in various educational pursuits.

In Nigeria, their computer programming institution encompasses more than nine centers, with over a hundred professors offering around 35 courses, encompassing a wide array of programming subjects.

In Nigeria, their computer programming institution boasts more than nine campuses, a faculty of over 100 professors, and around 35 courses encompassing a wide array of programming subjects.

4. Univelcity Academy: Situated in Yaba, Lagos, Univelcity is a technology institute founded by Joseph Agunbiade, a co-founder of BudgIT—an organization dedicated to leveraging technology for citizen engagement.

Formerly known as Switch, Univelcity offers swift and intensive training programs tailored for individuals and enterprises.

5. New Horizons Academy: Commencing its operations in Nigeria in 2004, New Horizons is an international enterprise.

Renowned as one of Nigeria’s esteemed educational institutions, it is recognized for delivering top-notch, current training programs.

Catering to businesses, educational institutions, and individuals, New Horizons specializes in information technology training.

Moreover, it extends its offerings beyond conventional training programs by providing expert guidance for obtaining certifications in web development from prestigious entities like Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, Microsoft, and Oracle.

6. Andela Academy: Andela stands as one of the leading platforms in Nigeria, and perhaps the entirety of Africa, for learning programming. It is among Africa’s top institutions for enhancing technical skills, operating in key locations such as Lagos, Nairobi, and Kampala.

What sets Andela apart is its unique approach to business compared to traditional programming schools or coding boot camps.

7. Decagon Academy: Decagon is a prestigious institute that offers comprehensive training in advanced object-oriented programming and leadership skills.

It equips individuals with top-notch software engineering and management expertise. Decagon Institute offers program discounts and operates on a ‘learn-then-earn’ model, ensuring learners only pay for their education once they secure employment.

8. CKDigital Academy: A branch of CKDigital, a digital enterprise established in 2011, CKDigital Academy is located in the Ogudu suburb of Lagos. It is widely recognized as one of Nigeria’s premier programming schools.

9. MOAT Academy: MOAT Academy stands out as one of Nigeria’s premier and highly regarded software development academies.

They have a reputation for being exceptionally knowledgeable about all the courses they offer. Situated in Opebi, Lagos, MOAT employs an apprenticeship-style methodology, delivering practical, job-oriented software development training led by industry experts.

MOAT graduates are equipped to thrive in any global software company right from the start, rendering them in high demand by employers.

The MOAT Academy curriculum encompasses various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS, MySQL, Python, and more.

10. NiiT: Since its inception in 1999, NiiT has inaugurated its first learning center in Ikeja, Lagos, marking its presence in the country.

Committed to empowering the youth for lucrative IT careers, NiiT has provided scholarships to nearly 1.9 million students over the past two decades. Each year, it admits and trains over 16,000 students.

With more than 20 operational centers across various regions in Nigeria, NiiT offers up-to-date IT programs tailored to meet market demands and global vendor certifications in the field of IT training and education.