Caleb University Pre-Degree Admission Form 2024/2025 Session

Beginning your academic journey is an essential step toward realizing your objectives, The Caleb University Pre-Degree Program is intended to help you succeed in your academic endeavors. If you have been searching for Caleb University Pre-Degree Admission Form 2024/2025 then read the article below.

On this web page, we will be discussing why aspiring students should consider enrolling in a Pre-degree program at Caleb University. Also, the basic requirements, steps on how to apply, and benefits alongside the subjects offered will be discussed extensively. We strongly you to continue reading the article below for more insights.

Why Choose Caleb University’s Pre-Degree Programme?

Caleb University’s Pre-Degree Programme is tailored to strengthen your academic foundation to prepare you for university-level courses. This pre-degree program is properly designed for aspiring candidates who wish to enhance their JAMB scores, for a direct pathway to admission into 100 100-level degree programs at Caleb University.

Also, some of the benefits of enrolling in a pre-degree program at a well-recognized institution like Caleb University include the following;

1. Students are presented with diverse course options to help in their decision-making. Some of these courses include Education, Law, Nursing Science, Management Science, etc.

2. At Caleb University, students are offered good accommodations in a well-secured and conducive environment which creates a positive learning environment.

 Caleb University’s Pre-Degree Admission Requirements

1. A minimum of three credits in pertinent disciplines, such as mathematics, English language, science, or the arts, are required of applicants for them to be considered for the program. Candidates must not have taken the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, GCE, or NECO more than twice, and there is a defined age limit.

2. Comprehensive preparation for a pre-degree program at the university level demands that you cover important subjects like government, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and English language.

Criteria for Admission into 100 Level:

Upon completion of the pre-degree program, candidates are expected to meet the required minimum score in JAMB and pass their O’Level subjects before proceeding to the university level.

How to Apply for Caleb University Pre-Degree Admission

Prospective students can take these basic steps:

1. Get an admissions form from the university office, personnel, or authorized admissions officials.

2. Visit the Caleb University Admission Portal to register online.

3. Show up for an interview for admission at the appointed time and designated locations.

Note that interviews are conducted bi-monthly from November to January, starting at 8:00 am on the scheduled dates.

Caleb University Pre-Degree Admission Fee

The pre-degree program is priced at an affordable N65,000, making it a valuable investment in your academic future.

To this end, Caleb University’s Pre-Degree Programme offers a strategic pathway for academic excellence. Whether you seek to strengthen your academic skills or prepare for a seamless transition to undergraduate studies, this program is structured to support your aspirations.

Take the first step towards realizing your academic goals by applying for the pre-degree program today. Secure your future with Caleb University and position yourself for success in the competitive academic landscape.