Cheapest Polytechnics In Nigeria

Polytechnics are higher education establishments that are available for prospective students to enroll in, as long as the specific program they wish to pursue is offered by the institution. In terms of the standard of education provided, Nigerian Polytechnics are a close second to universities.

Despite ongoing debates, some hold the view that the education quality offered by Polytechnics in Nigeria surpasses that of universities.

Regardless of which perspective one favor, it is evident that Polytechnic education in Nigeria is vital, as these institutions produce numerous skilled technicians, artisans, and other technically proficient professionals who are essential to the advancement and progress of the Nigerian economy.

We must first become proficient in a few fundamental skills in order to solve problems and be innovative. We must broaden our knowledge and skills in order to become more creative. Education is therefore a process for acquiring knowledge by study, imparting it through instructions, or engaging in some other practical action.

Education is crucial because it alters a person’s thinking naturally and permanently, making them better able to pursue a particular goal. It helps us to evaluate our thoughts and feelings more easily and gets us ready to express them in a variety of ways. It aids in our development as societal responsible people.

In Nigeria, prospective students have the option of attending either a university or a polytechnic when it comes to obtaining a post secondary education.

One example is that, while the majority of Nigerians think that attending a university is the best choice because the word “university” conjures up images of grandeur and importance, others think that a polytechnic is the best place to learn skills in a more hands-on manner than through rote memorization.

The same cannot be said for Nigeria, where employers value a university degree more highly than a polytechnic degree, despite the fact that university and polytechnic credentials are often seen as being similar around the world. A Polytechnic and a University are centers of higher learning.

In recent years, polytechnic education has grown in popularity in Nigeria as young people opt to experience vocational training before continuing on to universities for further study and degrees. With the Federal Government sanctioning over ten private polytechnics in the previous five years, the number of polytechnics and technical institutes built in the nation has dramatically increased in recent years.

Regarding federal and state polytechnics, there isn’t much debate because they have shown to be effective tertiary schools by continuously turning out top-notch graduates. Their ability to compete with university graduates in the majority of their products has only advanced tertiary education. In Nigeria, polytechnics and technical institutions are considered to provide a more practical education for students.

Polytechnics are believed to be inclined towards imparting knowledge to students through practical and technical classes, which is considered their strong suit.

Perhaps even more noteworthy is the affordability of Polytechnic education. Compared to federal and state universities, Polytechnics have lower registration fees and tuition costs, and their payment plans are more flexible and user-friendly. This means that Polytechnics serve as institutions of higher learning that are accessible to students from all financial backgrounds, regardless of whether they are affluent or disadvantaged.

Top Cheapest Polytechnics in Nigeria

1) Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti

Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦22,000

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦11,000

Established in January 1977 in Jos, Plateau State, The Federal Polytechnics Ado-Ekiti was later moved to Akure, Ondo State in 1978, and eventually found its permanent home in Ado Ekiti in 1986 after a few years of relocation. Currently, it has the most affordable tuition rate among polytechnics in Nigeria and stands out as a top contender in its category.

2) Auchi Polytechnic

Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦28,000

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦14,000

Auchi Polytechnic, a federal institution located in Edo state, Nigeria, is recognized as the second most affordable polytechnic in the country. As one of the first five polytechnics established in Nigeria, it boasts a reputation for academic excellence.

It is worth noting, however, that the institution has a relatively high incidence of cultism, so students must remain focused and dedicated to their studies. Despite this challenge, diligent students can still achieve academic success. In summary, Auchi Polytechnic is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top polytechnics, despite the presence of some undesirable elements.

3) Kaduna State Polytechnic

Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦24,000

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦24,000

With a solid reputation and a history of producing successful graduates who have become leaders in Nigeria, Kaduna State Polytechnic is recognized as one of the oldest and most affordable polytechnics in the country. Situated in the Tudun Wada neighborhood of Kaduna state, it is highly respected in the Northern region of Nigeria and is considered one of the top polytechnics in the area.

The institution’s low tuition rate is attributed to its research efforts, making it an attractive option for students seeking quality education at an affordable cost.

4) Enugu State Polytechnic

Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦26,500

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦26,500

Enugu State Polytechnic, a state-owned institution with a strong track record, commenced academic activities in 2009. It was originally established as the Enugu State College of Agriculture and Agro-Entrepreneurship but later underwent conversion to a polytechnic, now known as Enugu State Polytechnic.

This makes it the first polytechnic in the Eastern region of Nigeria, and it has since become renowned for its academic excellence.


Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦28,850

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦24,500

The Federal Polytechnic Offa is unquestionably one of Nigeria’s best and most cheap polytechnics. We all know that Kwara State is renowned for having a top-notch educational system because the institution was formed there in Offa.

The Federal Polytechnic Offa is most exciting to us since it provides all of the courses that are offered in the majority of Nigerian higher education institutions while doing so at a reasonable price.


Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦29,000

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦29,000

Established in 1983, Nasarawa State Polytechnic is a state-owned institution listed among the most affordable polytechnics in Nigeria. The primary goal of its establishment was to provide technical and vocational skills to students who were eager to learn but faced financial constraints.


Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦32,000

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦32,000

The Federal Polytechnic of Nekede is another outstanding polytechnic in Nigeria that charges affordable and acceptable tuition.

The institution was established in Owerri, Imo State, and has a proven track record. Bright children attend Federal Polytechnic Nekede, which is a calm institution with a high reputation. Even though Nekede Poly has been crowned Nigeria’s best polytechnic numerous times, the tuition is still affordable.


Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦35,500

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦35,500

FedPoly Ilaro is a Federal Polytechnic located in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was started in 1979. In the Southwestern region of Nigeria, the institution is regarded as one of the best polytechnics. It is important to note that cultism is prevalent at the school, which is often known as the Polytechnic for Big Guys.

To counteract this annoyance, the institution’s administrators have taken tough steps, which have thus far had fruitful results. Yet, this higher education institution is committed to educating its pupils, making it a top choice for those who have a sincere desire to learn.

9) Kwara State Polytechnic

Tuition Fee (Prospective Students) – ₦28,000 For Indigene, ₦44,000 for non-indegene

Tuition Fee (Returning Students) – ₦28,000 For Indigene, ₦44,000 for non-indigene

KWASU (Kwara State Polytechnics) is situated in Kwara state. Since its establishment in 1973, this institution has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance. Additionally, KWASU offers affordable tuition fees, making it one of Nigeria’s most economical polytechnics.