Courses You Can Study Without English Language

Are you trying to find a course that you can enroll in that doesn’t require English Language? Or perhaps you are not very good at English and you’ve been wondering if there are any courses you can take without having to pass English. This site will help you, by giving you answers to your questions.

One of the most widely spoken languages on earth today, English was first spoken in the early Middle Ages. By default, every student in Nigeria should be able to speak, read, and write in good English, but many students struggle when it comes to answering questions about English in exams.

However, to enroll in some major courses, you do not need credit in the English Language, but you do need a passing grade, such as D7 or E8. Some of you have been spending too much time at home because you don’t have math or English credits, but we have good news for you. There are several courses you can study that do not require credit in English Language.

There are more than 40 courses you can take without having a credit in English Language in your WAEC or NECO result. Yes!!! Although it is true, you might never know because you have never been inside the university’s walls. In addition, no university in Nigeria will let you know that there are courses you can take without knowing English.

Below are the courses you can study without credit in English Language

Courses You Can Study Without English Language

    • Animal Nutrition
    • Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology
    • Animal Science
    • Animal Science and Range Management
    • Computer Science – Under Science
    • Computer Science and English Language
    • Education and Biology
    • Education and Chemistry
    • Education and Chemistry
    • Education and Economics
    • Education and Geography
    • Education and Geography
    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Education and Physics
    • Education and Physics
    • Education and Science
    • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
    • Estate Management
    • Fisheries – Under Agriculture
    • Food Science and Technology – Under Agriculture
    • Home Science
    • Home Science and Management
    • Home Science, Nutrition, and Dietetics
    • Industrial Physics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Microbiology
    • Physics
    • Polytechnic: Food Technology
    • Polytechnic: Polymer Technology
    • Polytechnic: Quantity Surveying
    • Polytechnic: Statistics
    • Polytechnic: Agricultural Engineering/Technology
    • Polytechnic: Agricultural Technology
    • Polytechnic: Animal Health and Production Technology
    • Polytechnic: Civil Engineering Technology
    • Polytechnic: Environmental Health Technology
    • Polytechnic: Forestry Technology
    • Polytechnic: Science Laboratory Technology
    • Polytechnic: Surveying and Geoinformatics
    • Quantity Surveying
    • Statistics
    • Wildlife Management – Under Agriculture