Courses You Can Study Without Government

Are you a high school graduate who is desperately in search of courses you can study in the university without sitting Government?

For some students, Government is a very tough subject, It’s not so bad if you are trying to find out what courses you can study without Government in your O’level result.

Let’s take a quick break and examine why people ask or look for this answer before we rush into giving you the list of courses one can apply for without a credit past in government.

Government is described as “a system of social control in which the right to create laws and the right to enforce them is vested in a certain group in society.”

Although all sorts of organizations have governance, the term “government” is sometimes used more precisely to refer to the roughly 200 independent national governments on Earth, as well as to the organizations that make up these governments, such as state, provincial, and local governments.

Government is an academic field of study that connotes the study of political institutions and theories which deal with the acquisition and use of political power.

There are two factors that lead some students to look for courses that don’t involve government.

1. Individuals with failing grades in government (D7, E8, or F9) at the O-Level (WAEC or NECO)

2. Persons who struggled to grasp government or didn’t know much about the subject but nevertheless managed to pass their O-Level exam.

3. As an added bonus, there may be another group of candidates who did not write “Government” in the Jamb.

There are specific prerequisites for each candidate for the course they applied for before they can be admitted to any higher institution, whether it be a university, polytechnic, or college of education, to pursue a certain subject.

For some of those prerequisites, the O-Level certificate (WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc.) must have a minimum of a Credit in Government for the course to be taken.

Hence, before submitting an application for the course, the applicant must receive credit from the government. Several candidates are unable to obtain a minimum of Credit (C4, C5, or C6) in their WAEC, NECO, or GCE scores due to various difficulties. Some end up with grades of D7, E8 or F9 in the subject, which disqualifies them from applying for that course.

Does this imply that there is no longer any hope for those who failed the WAEC or NECO government exams?

Certainly not. The courses that one can apply for without government are listed below.

 Courses You can Study Without Government

1. Accounting

2. Banking and Finance

3. Business Administration

4. Business Management

5. Cooperative and Rural Development

6. Demography and Social Statistics

7. Geography

8. Industrial Relations

9. Insurance

10. Library Science

11. Marketing

12. Psychology

13. Religious Studies

14. Social Work

15. Sociology and Anthropology Combination

16. Tourism

17. Arabic and Islamic Studies

18. Christian Religious Studies

19. Fine and Applied Arts

20. Foreign Languages and Literature

21. French

22. Theatre Arts

23. Music

24. Igbo

The aforementioned courses can all be taken without government. Therefore, while making decisions, choose from the above mentioned.

The List Of Courses With Government As An Optional Subject is for students who did not take government in the JAMB exam and may also include students who received poor scores in their O Level exams (WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc.). Some of the courses listed below can still be taken even if your WAEC, NECO, or GCE scores were D7, E8, or F9.

1. Economics

2. International Relations

3. Mass Communication

4. English and Literary Studies

5. Hausa

6. History And International Studies

7. Law

8. Mass Communication

9. Igbo

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