Courses You Can Study Without Literature-in-English

Literature is one of the most popular subjects in the Nigerian education system, it is also a must subject for art students in Nigerian secondary Schools. Some art students find it very easy to learn and understand literature while some students see this subject as a nightmare and therefore look for ways to escape it in the future.

Most of the courses of study offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities have Literature as one of the required subjects for admission. This means that a prospective student must have a credit or a high grade in literature in English in their O- level Certificate (NECO, WAEC or GCE).

Some art students find themselves with an F9 (fail) in Literature-in-English on their O-level certificates and are at a loss of what course to study with a fail in Literature-in-English. Having an F in literature is seen as a huge problem for an art student who wants to further his/her education at the university level.

Are you an art student who is searching for an arts course that does not require literature? Our search is over as this article contains a carefully curated list of courses you can study without a credit in literature. This writer hopes that this article will be helpful in your search.

Reasons Students choose to pursue courses that do not require Literature

Let us do a little analysis of why students search for courses that do not require Literature-in-English.  Below are the reasons why people seek to study courses that do not require them to have a credit in Literature-In-English.

  • Some students did not include Literature-in-English in their JAMB subjects (They did not write literature in JAMB)
  • Some students failed Literature-in-English in their O-level examinations (GCE, WAEC, NECO)
  • Some students do not understand Literature-In-English so they have no desire to encounter it in the university.

Courses that absolutely requires Literature-in-English

  1. Mass communication
  2. Theater and film study
  3. Foreign languages
  4. Linguistics (major)

Courses you can study without Literature-in-English

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic Language
  3. Arabic studies
  4. Archaeology
  5. Christian Religious Studies
  6. Comparative Religious Studies
  7. Creative and visual arts
  8. Economics
  9. Environmental Science
  10. Fine and Applied Arts
  11. Fulfulde
  12. Geography
  13. History
  14. History
  15. History and Archaeology
  16. History and diplomacy
  17. History and diplomatic studies
  18. History and international studies
  19. History and strategic studies
  20. International and Comparative Politics
  21. International Relations and diplomacy
  22. International studies and diplomacy
  23. Islamic Studies
  24. Philosophy
  25. Philosophy and Religious studies
  26. Political Science
  27. Psychology
  28. Religious study
  29. Sociology
  30. Sociology and Anthropology
  31. Theology
  32. Visual and Applied Arts
  33. Yoruba and Communication Art
  34. History and International Relations

Above is a carefully compiled list of courses you can study without Literature-in-English. Please note that the requirements for each of these courses depends on the university, please consult each university’s brochure to be sure they offer these courses without Literature-In-English.