Covenant University Hostel Accommodation Fees 2024/2025

If you want to get information on Covenant University hostel accommodation fees for the 2024/2025 academic session, this article is just what you need. This article is published to provide prospective and returning students of Covenant University with information on the hostel accommodation fees and additional information on how to pay the hostel fees. Continue reading for more details.

Covenant University Hostel Accommodation Fees 2024/2025

Covenant University offers affordable hostel accommodation to students who wish to stay in the school hostel. The hostel accommodation is available to all students from 100 level to 500 level. Each hostel room is set to contain about 4-6 students, depending on the length of the room. When the school management announces the activation of the accommodation fees, students are usually in a hurry to pay and acquire accommodation. We advise you to do the same too, you will be equipped with information on how to apply for the accommodation in the next subtext.

Covenant University accommodation hostel fee costs One hundred and eighty-five thousand naira (N185,000) for each student. The cost of the accommodation is subject to change at the discretion of the school management.

How To Apply For Covenant University Hostel Accommodation 2024/2025

Below are the simple steps to follow to apply for Covenant University Accommodation:-

  1. Visit the Covenant University portal
  2. Fill in the box after the link loading, the details required are the matriculation number and password of your profile.
  3. Click on the HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION icon on your profile
  4. Fill in all the details as required by the portal.
  5. Proceed to the payment page. Use any type of Bank ATM Card to make the payment quickly.
  6. After the payment, print the slip immediately or screenshot if you made the transaction through a phone.

Simple Rules Of Covenant University Hostel

The following are the simple rules to follow as an inmate of Covenant University hostel:-

  1. Students are not permitted to use high-power consumption and dangerous appliances such as gas cookers/cylinders, iron, water heater, etc.
  2. Students are strictly not allowed to design or write anything on the wallpapers of either their rooms or hostels.
  3. Students are strictly not allowed to go into their opposite-gender hostel. Male students are not allowed to visit or enter the female hostel.
  4. When parents are visiting their children in the hostel, they are required to be searched by security personnel.
  5. Students are warned to desist from any kind of group that teaches or practices violence like cultism and others.

We hope that we have provided you with proper guidance on Covenant University Hostel Accommodation Fees 2024/2025, go through this article properly to gain from the knowledge we have shared.

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