Difference Between NYSC Discharge Certificate, Exemption And Exclusion

Many graduates of well-recognized tertiary institutions either in Nigeria or abroad are sometimes faced with many debatable arguments one of which is the difference between NYSC Discharge Certificate, Exemption, and Exclusion. If you have been wondering if there are any differences between NYSC Discharge Certificate, Exemption, and Exclusion then this web page is all you need.

This web page contains all the necessary information you may need to know about the differences that exist Between NYSC Discharge Certificates, Exemptions, and Exclusions. However, B.Sc and HND graduates are advised to continue reading this piece of writing thoroughly for clarification and understanding.

Differences Between NYSC Discharged, Exemption, and Exclusion Certificates

NYSC Discharge Certificate

Once a corps member completes their one-year mandatory service, they are awarded the NYSC Discharge letter the first and most widely recognized official credential. This indicates that they participated in the three-week camping program, registered for NYSC mobilization through the online registration portal, and served at the Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) where they had been placed for the previous year.

When a corp member completes their year of mandatory service, the NYSC organizes a passing ceremony, and they typically receive a discharge certificate, which is popularly known by many.

NYSC Exemption Certificate

This is an official award presented to graduates who were unable to take part in the year-long mandatory service. Age- could be a related factor that prevented the mobilization of such graduates.

An exemption certificate is given to those whose age legally prevents them from taking part in the NYSC program, even if they completed a standard program at a university or polytechnic and graduated.

By law, graduates who are older than thirty are not eligible to participate in the one-year service program offered by NYSC. For this reason, they are given Exemption Certificates rather than Discharge Certificates (for the served ones).

By law, it means that in the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993 section 2 subsection (1) it is stipulated that;

He/She is over the age of thirty (30) years.

He/She has served in the Armed Forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for more than nine months; or

He/She is a member of staff of any of the following:

1. The Nigerian Security Organization

2. The State Security Service,

3, The National Intelligence Agency

4, The Defence Intelligence Service

5. He/She has been conferred with any National Honour.

Graduates who fit into any of these categories must also register for the NYSC mobilization in the interim; however, they will not be called up.

The school shall receive delivery of the exemption certificate. Following three (3) months, affected graduates should visit their schools to pick up their Exemption Certificates.

Exclusion Letter 

Graduates who completed a part-time program or sandwich at any university, polytechnic, online learning center, etc. are granted the letter of exclusion. The impacted graduate need not be under 30 years old to be eligible for this program. After completing regular full-time courses, accepting admission through JAMB Caps, or completing JAMB regularization for NYSC mobilization, you will receive an exclusion letter at graduation.

However, graduates in this category also need to register online via the registration portal to be mobilized for the NYSC. The N3,000 exclusion charge will need to be paid by the individual.

The exclusion certificate can be accessed on the NYSC dashboard once the organization begins mobilizing potential serving corps participants. To be acknowledged as authentic and legitimate, the certificate needs to be printed in color.

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