Ghana School of Law Admission Form 2024/2025

Ghana School of Law Admission Form 2024/2025. The Ghana School of Law’s administration has made the application for admission to the school for the 2024/2025 academic year available to anyone who is interested. The application process is visible to all potential applicants below.

How to Get the Ghana School of Law Admission Form

In order to apply online for admission to the Ghana School of Law, you must first purchase a banker’s draft from any bank and bring it to the accounts office to receive an electronic voucher with a PIN and serial number.​

To buy a draft from a banker:

1. Check out one of the banks listed below.
2. Choose which application voucher to purchase.
3. Purchase the voucher, then get a receipt with your PIN and serial number on it.
4. Go to this page and click “Continue” after entering your PIN and serial number.

Ghana School of Law Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission to the Ghana School of Law’s Professional Law Course, applicants must pass the Entrance Examination. The following categories of applicants are eligible to write the Entrance Examination:

1. All LLB graduates from the faculties of law of public universities in Ghana, including KNUST, Kumasi, the University of Ghana (Legon), and GIMPA, are approved by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the General Legal Council (GLC).
2. All LLB graduates from the faculties of law of private university colleges in Ghana are approved by the NAB and GLC.
3. All Ghanaian LLB graduates or holders of equivalent law degrees from universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, and other common law jurisdictions who have passed all prescribed subjects or courses for admission to the Professional Law Course.
4. Overseas or foreign university applicants with LLB certificates or equivalent law degrees must have passed the following subjects at the LLB or equivalent level:

  1.  Ghana Constitutional Law
  2.  Ghana’s Legal System and Methods
  3.  Criminal Law
  4. Law of Equity and Succession
  5. Law of Torts
  6. The Law of Contract
  7. Law of Immovable Property
  8. Company Law
  9. Commercial Law

Additionally, applicants must have studied and passed any one of the following subjects:

  • The Law of Natural Resources
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • The Law of Taxation

Successful completion of the Professional Law Course qualifies applicants as barristers at law and solicitors of the Supreme Court.

Ghana School of Law Online Application Process

To complete your online application for the Ghana School of Law, follow these instructions carefully:

Form 1: Your  Personal Information:

1. Fill out the form with all the information.
2. Upload your passport photo, making sure it is the correct size (2M; see the form’s instructions for details). Clicking SAVE AND CONTINUE will take you to Form 2, where your picture will appear. To see the image, go back to Form 1 or proceed with filling out the form.

Form 2: Examinations Page

1. Provide specifics about your academic achievements.
2. Tell us about your educational background.
3. Attach your resume at this point and, if applicable, mention any work experience.

(Note: The article seems to be cut off abruptly. Please provide the remaining text or let me know if this is the complete content.)

Form 3: Contact Information and Program Selection:

  1. All of YOUR CONTACT PERSON’S information.
  2. All of the MISCELLANEOUS information. (Note: To view all of your entries, click the tip and drag a box).
  3. To study, choose your ENTRY MODE, CAMPUS, SESSION, and PROGRAMME in ascending order.
  4. Prior to choosing the other modes, you must choose the entry mode.

Form 4: Upload Documents:

Upload all the files that are important to your application, including your resume, certificates, transcripts, referee form, and passport page for international applicants. Make sure that no file is larger than 500 KB. You won’t be able to upload a file bigger than 500 KB.

Form 5: Submit Application:

Only when you have finished all the form entries should you submit the application. You can finish the form by logging back in with your serial number and PIN (found on your receipt), so you don’t have to finish it all at once. But you won’t be able to reapply online once you submit the form. Only by selecting PREVIEW at the bottom of the page can you see or print the completed form.

Applicants should ensure that they read and follow instructions thoroughly to complete the form successfully.