Highest-Paying Jobs In The Arts Field

Highest-Paying Jobs In The Arts Field. What comes to mind when the word is mentioned? We guess creativity! The arts field encompasses diverse areas, but one thing stands out in all of them: the avenue to explore your imagination and express your creativity. We have listed the top 10 profitable careers an arts major can specialise in after school. 

Who is An Artist: Overview

An artist engages in the production of creative pieces, which can take the form of paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, performances, mixed media, or other artistic expressions. They harness their unique talents to craft work through a personal and distinctive creative process. Artists may choose to specialise in a particular medium or blend multiple art forms.

For instance, a sculptor might employ hands, tools, or a wheel to shape clay into a piece of art, followed by painting and baking it in a kiln. Sketch artists may create realistic or abstract images using pencils, chalk, charcoal, or other drawing tools. Whether driven by personal satisfaction or working as paid professionals, artists bring their vision to life through their chosen medium or combination of mediums.

Various artists use different mediums to express themselves, each bringing a unique style and perspective to their creations. Artists encompass various disciplines, including painting, photography, sculpture, calligraphy, illustration, printmaking, and graphic design.

Whether creating art as a hobby or working as a professional, artists often specialise in a particular medium or style. However, the fluid nature of art frequently leads many artists to explore and crossover into various forms of artistic expression. For example, a painter may exclusively focus on paintings or integrate sculpting into their creative repertoire.

What Does an Art Major Study?

An art major enrolls in a formal educational program in order to obtain a degree in fine or media arts. While media art comprises graphic design, animation, and other related fields, fine art includes academic disciplines like painting, sculpture, and film.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Jobs In The Arts Field

Graduates from arts-related programs receive a flexible degree that offers a strong educational foundation, ways to advance talents, and worthwhile experiences. Acquiring a degree in the arts gives people the chance to land stable, long-term jobs in today’s most competitive industries. Arts majors are among the most sought-after individuals by many organizations and enterprises, as most employers want candidates with good communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills. These ten lucrative jobs in the arts sector are:

1. Gallery Manager

Average salary: $48,656 per year

Curators oversee the coordination of diverse exhibitions for the public or private galleries where they are employed. The specific duties of a gallery depend on its policies. A team of individuals ensures that gallery visitors receive proper attention and assistance. In addition to managing budgets, curators may oversee exhibit installations, liaise with framers, drive the gallery’s website, and handle relationships with artists and the gallery itself.

2. Interior Designer

Average salary: $58,585 per year

An interior designer’s responsibility is to design a space’s interior in accordance with the needs of the client. This may entail designing it with space, security, usability, and aesthetics in mind. The general goal of interior designers is to create visually appealing spaces. 

They employ a range of ornamental components in their work, such as vases, flooring materials, lighting, and wall colour schemes. They also create design plans, oversee construction, and schedule the project’s completion. Interior designers might operate as independent freelancers or as employees of a company.

3. Technical Designer

Average salary: $61,223 per year

Realizing a fashion designer’s sketch is the responsibility of a technical designer. The designer, manufacturer, merchandiser, and other members of the fashion design team collaborate with technical designers. 

Moreover, it is their duty to ensure that apparel meets prescribed standards and specifications. To thrive in this role, you must have a strong sense of style, be an exceptional problem solver, and pay great attention to detail.

4. Industrial Designer

Average salary: $63,373 per year

It is the duty of industrial designers to develop and create a wide range of manufactured goods. They visit clients, collaborate with the market research department, and sketch out design suggestions to present to them. Keep in mind that skilled sketchers, cognizant of balance and technical issues, and proficient communicators are prerequisites for industrial designers.

5. Store Planner

Average salary: $71,013 per year

Store planners are in charge of making inventory plans, producing sales, supervising new openings, and helping with inventory analysis and corporate sales. They interact with stakeholders and supervise the management of their employees. Store planners should be excellent communicators with great time management skills and the ability to multitask.

6. Art Director

Average salary: $71,332 per year

Art directors are in charge of a number of tasks, such as coming up with ideas, creating art layouts, getting client approval, and managing the design team as a whole. Their main responsibility is for the visual components of a campaign or commercial in the media. 

Art directors should be exceptionally creative and skilled in typography, in addition to having excellent interpersonal and photographic skills.

7. Senior Fashion Designer

Average salary: $79,292 per year

Senior fashion designers are in charge of creating new collections of clothing, accessories, and other products. They develop collections according to the latest fashions, and each design is aimed at a certain market. 

A senior fashion designer’s duties also include researching fabrics and popular colours, sketching concepts, and managing the entire design manufacturing process. Senior fashion designers should possess exceptional technical skills as well as a terrific sense of texture and colour.

8. Creative Director

Average salary: $86,729 per year

Often referred to as “design directors,” creative directors are in charge of creating fresh firm branding efforts, keeping an eye on fashion, helping customers, and participating in numerous brainstorming sessions and meetings. 

They are also in charge of overseeing the creative department, monitoring productivity, and assigning tasks to other team members. As a creative director, you should have outstanding interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills.

9. User Experience (UX) Designer

Average salary: $90,967 per year

Wireframes, sitemaps, and usability testing are just a few of the projects that UX designers collaborate on with the customer and the product team. They oversee the research, design, and prototype stages of the user experience process for digital products. UX designers must be proficient in user research, UX software, and good communication.

10. Product Designer

Average salary: $97,162 per year

To put it simply, whether a new or old consumer product is designed, it is the responsibility of the product designer. They sketch a product, design it completely, and develop product specifications based on input from internal and external partners.

Along with researching different approaches to product creation, product designers also evaluate a product’s functionality and enhance the design of previous models. Product designers should have outstanding communication and technical skills, an eye for detail, and overall visual design ability.


The arts field offers a diverse range of career opportunities that not only allow individuals to express their creativity but also provide lucrative prospects. From gallery managers to product designers, these top 10 highest-paying jobs in the arts sector showcase the value of artistic skills and expertise in various industries.