How to Apply For UNICAL Hostel Accommodation

How to Apply For UNICAL Hostel Accommodation. Finding a place to stay at UNICAL, either in the school hostel or off-campus, can be tough for new and returning students. This article provides information on different accommodation choices, their costs, and where they are located for UNICAL students.

If you’re a UNICAL student looking for hostel accommodation, please follow these steps:

UNICAL Hostel Accommodation

Here are the names of the hostels at the University of Calabar (UNICAL) for girls and boys:

  • For girls Hostels:

– Hall 6

– Hall 8

– Hall 9

– Hall 10

  • For boys Hostel:

– Hall 2 Annex

– Hall 4

– Hall 5

– Hall 7b

  • Please note that Hall 2 and Hall 7a are mixed hostels for both boys and girls. In each of these hostels, there can be a maximum of four (4) students sharing one room.

Students get UNICAL hostels on a first-come, first-served basis at the UNICAL hostel portal.

UNICAL Hostel Locations

As a UNICAL student, it’s important to find out where the hostels are and what you need to apply for them. Most hostels, except Hall 2, Hall 2 Annex, Hall 7a, and Hall 7b, are in Malabor on the school campus.

UNICAL Medical Hostel

The location for Hall 2 and Hall 2 Annex are on the main university campus, not in Malabor. They are for Medical and Dental students. Hall 7a and 7b are not on campus; they are on Moore Road and Calabar Road in the Calabar area. Students from other UNICAL faculties and departments can stay in the other hostels from these four (4).

UNICAL Hostel Information

Staying in the UNICAL hostel is optional for University of Calabar students. If you’re a new student, living in the hostel is recommended, as it will make it easier for you to navigate around campus compared to staying off-campus. In UNICAL, priority for hostel allocation is given to newly admitted and final-year students.

UNICAL Hostel Eligibility

  • To get a hostel at UNICAL, first, pay your school fees on the school’s website. 
  • Hostels are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply when the hostel sign-up opens to have a better chance. Remember that each hostel has a limit on how many students it can take. You can’t get in if a hostel is full, even if you applied for it. 

You might get a spot in a different hostel with openings if you’re lucky. But if all hostels are full, and you haven’t applied early, you won’t have a hostel room. So, pay your fees early to be one of the first to apply.

How to Apply for UNICAL Hostel Accommodation:

When the hostel application opens, students receive a notification on the school portal. It normally happens at the start of a new session.

Follow this step-by-step guide through the application process for a hostel accommodation below:

  • Go to the Undergraduate Portal for UNICAL Hostel.
  • Press the “APPLY NOW” button.
  • Put in your pin for school expenses.
  • Select “Verify School Fees Pin.”
  • Complete the form for hostel biodata.
  • Press the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for further instructions from the student affairs division.
  • At the UNICAL Microfinance bank, pay twenty-one thousand and five hundred (₦21,500) toward your hostel charge.

The payment for the hostel is within a given time frame.

Male and female students pay twenty-one thousand and five hundred (₦21,500) for hostel accommodation in UNICAL.

How to Print UNICAL Hostel Allocation Slip.

  • Visit the website
  • Complete the application by clicking the “Hostel Application” button.
  • To finish the application procedure, click the “Confirm application” button.
  • Your “Application number” will be displayed on the top bar. Because you will need it to proceed, make sure you copy and store it.
  • After the application is approved, log in with your “APPLICATION NUMBER” and “MATRIC NUMBER” (given in the preceding stage).
  • After successfully logging in, select “Pay for hostel” after entering the “PIN” from your scratch card.
  • You will be able to print your hostel space allotment once your payment is approved.
  • To print your allocation slip, click “Print Slip.”
  • If you want to exit the portal, click “Sign out.”

UNICAL Hostel Fee

Here is the UNICAL hostel accommodation fee breakdown for male and female students:

  • Hall 2 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 2 Annex = ₦21,500
  • Hall 4 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 5 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 6 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 7a and 7b = ₦21,500
  • Hall 8 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 9 = ₦21,500
  • Hall 10 = ₦80,000
  • Windsworth Hostel = ₦105,000 – 320,000

UNICAL Hostel Clearance Documents

You need these documents to get clearance for the UNICAL hostel:

  1. Two file jackets
  2. Copy of your school fees receipt
  3. Bank receipt for accommodation
  4. Two passport photos

After you give all these documents, you’ll get a receipt for your hostel clearance. Then, you can go live in the hostel.

UNICAL Private Hostels

The University of Calabar’s (UNICAL) authorised private hostel is called Windsworth Hostel.

The hostel is designed to allow students to concentrate on their studies while they take care of everything else. It’s for the comfort you are entitled to.

Windsworth Hostel Services

The following are the services offered by the Windsworth hostel

  • Safety & Security
  • Laundry services
  • Wifi
  • Access Card Entry System
  • 400 Rooms. 1,600 capacity
  • Restaurant & Discount shops
  • Studying facilities
  • User-friendly portal
  • Stable Power supply
  • Uninterrupted Water supply
  • Recreation
  • Student Support System

Windsworth Hostel Application

  1. Go to the site for Windsworth Hostel.
  2. Select “Find Room.”
  3. Select “Sign Up”
  4. Enter your information in the biodata form.
  5. Click. Register
  6. Check the address you use for email.
  7. Open the Windsworth Hostel website and log in.
  8. Choose the room capacity that you prefer.
  9. Choose your payment methods.
  10. Choose a room number.
  11. Select the bank or online payment option.

Windsworth Hostel Pricing Models

  • One (1) – man room = ₦320,000
  • Two (2) – man rooms = ₦180,000
  • Four (4) – man room = ₦105,000

UNICAL Off-Campus Accommodation

Students at UNICAL have access to off-campus accommodation options. The cost of their off-campus hostels varies according to how close they are to the university campus.


Securing accommodation at UNICAL can be challenging, whether in university or private hostels. This guide details various options, costs, and application processes. It emphasizes the importance of early application, especially for new and final-year students, and highlights the benefits of UNICAL hostels. For those exploring off-campus living, diverse options are available with varying costs based on proximity to the university. The article serves as a comprehensive resource for UNICAL students seeking suitable accommodations.