How to Change Your Marital Status on NYSC Portal

Are you a graduate who just concluded the registration for NYSC mobilization? Do you wish to learn how to change your marital status via the NYSC portal? If yes then this article is all you need.

If you get married during NYSC and you want to apply for NYSC relocation based on marital grounds so you can be posted or redeployed to serve in your husband’s state of residence, you’d need to effect a change on the portal.

Also, if you made a mistake during your online registration, you will need to correct such errors on the NYSC registration website.

In this blog post, details of How to Change Your Marital Status on the NYSC Portal, Documents for Female Married PCMs to Upload on the NYSC Portal as well as why the Nysc portal may also decide to reject one’s marriage documents will be discussed extensively, Read carefully for more detailed insight.

Before we begin, It is important to note that changing marital status on the NYSC Portal is only available to female corps members who got married while serving or are married but made a mistake during the mobilization registration process. Continue reading the article below for more detailed information.

How To Change Your Marital Status On NYSC Portal Online

The following are the steps you need to take on the NYSC portal to modify your marital status:

1. Visit to access your Nysc dashboard portal.

2. Click the “Apply for Correction” icon.

3. On the next page, you will be required to type in your personal information within the available boxes.

4. To submit your request, click “Place Request.”

5. After submission, you are expected to upload the documents you scanned initially.

6. You would be notified right away if the modification was accepted.

Documents for Female Married PCM to Upload on the NYSC Portal

Listed below are the documents you will need before you can change your NYSC marital status online.

1. Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit).

2. Proof of State of residence of spouse(e.g., driving license,
National ID, NEPA bill).

3. Identity of Husband (e.g., Driving license, National ID).

4. A written note of letter from employer/utility bills.

5. Newspaper publication of change of name.

Aside from your marriage certificate, and evidence of change of name, female corp members are to ensure that other important documents carry the same address and location they wish to be posted to.

If your documents are not accepted, then your status as a married corp member will be rejected too. This connotes that your application to be redeployed back to your family or loved ones has been rejected by the NYSC Management body.

The Nysc portal may also decide to reject one’s marriage documents as a result of certain issues which may include;

1. Irrelevant documents upload because of a mistake

2. Blurred Documents

If the previous document you uploaded was rejected, below are a few steps you may need to follow

1. Login to the NYSC Portal and upload

2. Tap the document that was rejected.

3. Here, all you need to do is to tap the edit feature

4. Upload the new document

You must upload a scanned document instead of a pictured document to make your details clear and readable.