How to Retrieve or Get Back Lost WAEC Certificate

How to Retrieve or Get Back Lost WAEC Certificate. If you’ve misplaced or accidentally damaged your original WAEC certificate and are seeking a method for recovery, there’s no need to worry.

This post will guide you on the steps to retrieve your lost WAEC certificate. Simply follow the instructions outlined in this article diligently, and you will successfully recover your WAEC result through this tutorial.

The WAEC certificate confirms a student’s successful completion of secondary school education, meeting the necessary criteria for admission to higher education institutions. It is granted upon successful completion of the annual WAEC examination, conducted in May/June across West African countries. This document includes the student’s personal information, exam results, and other pertinent details.

How to Retrieve or Get Back Lost WAEC Certificate

To recover your misplaced WAEC certificate, please adhere to the following steps:

  • Visit the nearest WAEC head office to the school where you initially took your WAEC examination.
  • Notify any on-duty official about the loss of your WAEC certificate and express your intention to apply for WAEC Attestation of Result.
  • Present a police report confirming the loss, along with your recent passport and an affidavit for WAEC Attestation of Result.
  • Make the necessary payment for the new certificate and provide additional personal information such as your name, address, and the school where you took the examination.


  • Go to
  • Get the WAEC digital certificate app
  • Submit your online application for your WAEC certificate

Items/Documents Needed to Collect Attention of Results 

  • Application Letter for Certificate Replacement:

Please note that this letter should be handwritten or typed by the applicant. In order to process the request for a replacement certificate, the following documents are required:

  •  A police report detailing the loss or damage of the certificate.
  • A photocopy or online printout of the lost, stolen, or damaged certificate.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant.
  • A court affidavit confirming the loss or damage.
  • An administrative charge of N20,000.

Sure! Here are the steps to effortlessly recover your misplaced WAEC certificate. Additionally, I’d like to provide information on WAEC Attestation of Result. If you’re interested in learning about any potential restrictions associated with WAEC Attestation of Result, please proceed with the following details.

Can WAEC Attestation of Result be used in place of the original WAEC result?

Yes! The WAEC attestation of result holds the same validity as the original WAEC result. Whether you’re seeking admission abroad or for any other purpose, the attestation if issued by WAEC, is fully recognized. There’s no need for any hesitation or doubt regarding the equivalency of the WAEC attestation of result to the original WAEC result.

Does WAEC attestation of result look like the original WAEC certificate? 

Yes! The difference between WAEC Attestation of Result and WAEC Certificate lies primarily in the document titles. While the former is labelled “ATTESTATION OF RESULT,” the latter is titled “CERTIFICATE.” In substance, there is minimal divergence between the two, with the title being the key distinguishing factor.

How much to retrieve lost WAEC certificate? 

There is no definitive answer to this question. Different sources suggest varying amounts, with some stating it is around N20,000, while others mention N15,000. However, there is no fixed fee for obtaining a WAEC certificate. In my view, it is advisable to have approximately 15 – 24k with you if you choose to follow the outlined steps.

How long will it take for a lost WAEC certificate to be given?

Individuals who misplace their WAEC results may have to wait for about 30 months to obtain a replacement. However, there is no fixed timeframe for this process. Upon applying for a new WAEC certificate, the authorities will specify the collection date for your certificate.