JAMB CBT Accredited Centres in Cross Rivers State

JAMB CBT Accredited Centres in Cross Rivers State. Are you prepared and searching for an authorized centre to register for the UTME or Direct Entry exams in Cross River State, approved by JAMB? Start by checking out this article to find a list of centres officially endorsed by the Cross River State Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). It contains detailed information about these centres where you can register for the exams.

Why are JAMB CBT Centres Important?

JAMB CBT centres are really important because they’re the only places approved for candidates to register for the UTME/DE tests. Registering or taking the examination anywhere else is illegal and could get you kicked out, disqualified or even taken to court for prosecution. These centres ensure everyone has a fair chance to take the test without cheating or accommodating any form of malpractice.

Why are JAMB CBT Centres Important?

  1. Efficiency: CBT Centres make UTME exams more organised and less likely to have mistakes or cheating.
  1. Security: Computers help keep the exam fair. Questions are randomized, making it tough for candidates to cheat.
  1. Faster Results: CBT means quicker results. Candidates can see their scores soon after finishing the test.
  1. Accessibility: CBT Centres are spread across many locations, so candidates don’t need to travel far for the UTME exam.

How Do you Choose a JAMB CBT Centre in Cross River State?

Selecting a JAMB CBT centre in Cross River State is simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official JAMB website: www.jamb.gov.ng and click “UTME/DE Registration”.
  2. Choose “Registration Centres” from the menu and select “Cross River” as your state.
  3. View the list of JAMB CBT centres in Cross River. They’ll have their names, addresses, and locations.
  4. Use the search box to refine the list by town or centre name.
  5. Choose a centre that suits you based on distance, ease of access, and availability.
  6. Write down the centre’s name and address, then go there to complete your registration.

When picking a JAMB CBT Center in Cross River State or elsewhere, think about these really important factors:

  1. Nearness: Pick a centre that’s close by, so you don’t spend too much time or money travelling.
  2. Good Reputation: Find out if the centre is well-regarded. Check reviews or ask others who’ve been there.
  3. 3. Facilities: Make sure the centre has working computers, a consistent power supply, and staff who know what they’re doing.
  4. Registration Services: See if the centre helps with JAMB registration processes. This is useful if you haven’t registered for the exam yet.
  5. Safety: Choose a centre that’s secure to prevent cheating or other problems during the exam.

How to Register for UTME at a JAMB CBT Centre in Cross River State

To sign up for the UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) at a JAMB CBT (Computer-Based Test) Centre in Cross River State or elsewhere, do the following:

  1. Get a JAMB profile code: Send your full name (surname, First Name, and Middle Name) as a text message to 55019 to create a JAMB profile code.
  2. Receive Confirmation: You’ll get a text confirming your profile code and another code for verification.
  1. Visit Approved JAMB CBT Centres: Head to any approved JAMB CBT centre in Cross River State with your profile and confirmation codes.
  1. Pay Registration Fees: Pay the registration fee of N3,500 and a reading text fee of N500 at the CBT centre using JAMB’s provided payment options.
  1. Get an E-PIN: You’ll receive an electronic PIN to finalize your registration at the CBT centre.
  1. Provide Information: Give your personal details, preferred institutions, programs, and examination location.
  1. 7. Biometric Verification: Complete thumbprint and facial capture for biometric verification.
  1. Receive Registration and Examination Slips: Get printouts of your registration slip and examination slip with exam date, time, and centre details.
  1. Get JAMB e-PIN: Obtain the JAMB e-PIN from authorised sellers, banks, or online.
  1. Visit CBT Centre: Go to the chosen JAMB CBT Centre with the necessary documents, including your e-PIN, O’Level result, and personal details.
  1. Register for UTME: Complete the UTME registration by providing the required information and biometric data.

   12. Pay Registration Fee: Pay the registration fee at the CBT Centre.

  1. Receive Registration Slip: Finally, get your registration slip, which contains your exam details.

JAMB CBT Accredited Centres in Cross Rivers State

If you’re getting ready to take the UTME exam and you are based in Cross River State, make sure to look at the official list of authorized JAMB CBT Centers in Cross River State. This list will help you find the centre nearest to you. It’s crucial because these centres are approved by JAMB, so you can trust them not to cheat you. 

Besides registering and taking the UTME exam, you can also go to any of these approved JAMB CBT centres in Cross River State for updates about UTME. So, if you’ve been searching for the JAMB-authorized CBT centres in Cross River State, you can find them listed below.

1 Arthur Jarvis University, Akpabuyo (ICT Centre) Brig. Dan Archibong Drive, Daniel’s Valley, Akwa- Ikot Effanga, Akpabuyo, Cross River State.
2 Beeps Technology Limited, School Of Nursing, Hospital Road, Igoli, Ogoja, Cross River State
3 CRUTECH (Cross River University of Technology), Dept of Computer Science, Calabar, Cross River State.
4 Cross River Institute of Technology and Management, Calabar-Ikom Highway, Ugep, Cross River State.
5 College Of Education, Akamkpa, Cross River State.
6 E-Library, University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State.
7 Foresight Schools, Anthony Agwupuye memorial hall, sweet mother street, Ikom, Cross River State.
8 Federal College of Education, ICT Complex/ Computer Science Blocks, Obudu, Cross River State.
9 JAMB STATE OFFICE, Calabar, No. 100 Marian Road, Calabar, Cross River State.
10 Klinnicapps Academy, Old Imaje Road, formerly Christian Secondary Commercial School, Okuku, Yala, Cross River State.
11 SUSPENDED: Swiftcom Global, Fed. Airport Authority of Nig. (FAAN) Sec. Sch. IBB Way Calabar.
12 Simab Technologies, School of Midwifery, Moniaya Road, Igoli, Ogoja
13 TrendingNet Solutions Integration Services Limited, Community Secondary School, Itigidi, Abi LGA

How Many JAMB CBT Centers In Cross River State?

In Cross River State, there are 13 centres where students can register for JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) exams. These centres are spread across different important locations in the state to make it convenient for candidatess. If you’re trying to register for JAMB somewhere that’s not on this list of thirteen centres, there’s a good chance your registration might not be accepted. That’s because JAMB registrations are only allowed at specific places called JAMB registration centres, and if the place you’re trying to register isn’t one of these approved centres, your registration might not be valid.


JAMB CBT centres in Cross River State are the only approved places where you can sign up for and do the UTME/DE. Picking one isn’t hard if you follow the steps mentioned here. You can also check out the official JAMB website (www.jamb.gov.ng) to see the complete list of JAMB CBT centres in Cross River State and other places. I hope this information helps you find the right JAMB CBT centre in Cross River State for your 2024–2025 UTME/DE registration and exam.

These centres are significant because they offer a safe and standard setting for UTME exams. When selecting a JAMB CBT centre in Cross River State, think about things like its location, reputation, facilities, and fees.