JAMB UTME Conversion to Direct Entry 2024/2025

JAMB UTME Conversion to Direct Entry 2024 is now possible. We will show you how to convert your JAMB UTME to Direct Entry in less than few minutes. Read on to see how.

For the 2024 admissions process, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has stated that the site for UTME conversion to DE (direct entry) will reopen. This notification is in response to the requests for this chance made by the concerned candidates.

Application Procedure for Conversion from JAMB UTME to DE

You must visit one of the closest authorized JAMB facilities; you cannot complete this task from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, the operator at the center would carry out the procedures indicated below.
Candidates must take the following actions in order to convert their UTME data to DE data:

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility

Prior to starting the application process, candidates need to confirm that they fulfill the previously stated eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Go to a CBT center accredited by JAMB.

To complete the conversion, interested candidates must go to a nearby Computer-Based Test (CBT) center that has been accredited by JAMB.

Step 3: Give your UTME registration number or profile code.

Step 4: Give the Required Documents

In order to demonstrate their eligibility for the conversion procedure, candidates must provide the necessary documentation, such as an A-level certificate, an OND, an NCE, or comparable credentials.

Step 5: You have to select your first and second choice of universities during the upgrading process. (It’s a good idea that most candidates choose different courses at the same university for their first and second choices in this section.)

Step 6: Finish the Application Procedure

Candidates should carefully finish the application process at the CBT center under the supervision of a center official after submitting the required paperwork.

Step 7: Payment

The conversion process at the CBT center will involve payments from candidates.

Step 8: Obtain the Slip of Confirmation

Upon completion of the application process, candidates will be provided with a confirmation slip as evidence of their successful conversion.

Step 9: Wait for your information to appear on the school portal you selected during the upgrade. It might not show up for a week or two. You can then proceed with registering for the school’s direct admittance after that.

Please be advised that there has been no announcement on the closing date for the UTME conversion to direct entry. Hurry up, then.

Things to Take Into Account Before Converting UTME to DE

Although there are many advantages to the conversion process, candidates should think about the following things before choosing to convert their UTME to DE:

Compatibility with Desired Course

It is crucial to confirm that the candidate’s qualifications align with the intended course of study. This means that the subjects taken for the A-levels, or their equivalent, have to be relevant to the intended field of study.

Institutional Requirements

Specific requirements for direct-entry candidates may vary among universities. As a result, it is essential to find out about and make sure you meet the requirements of the university you want to attend.

Preference for UTME

For personal reasons, such as wanting to go through the entire university admissions process or feeling more confident in their ability to pass the JAMB examination, some candidates might prefer to go through the UTME process. In these situations, switching to DE might not be the best course of action.