Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees 2024/2025 Session

Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees 2024/2025. Are you a new or returning student of Koforidua Technical University? Do you need accurate information on the hostels at this university and the accommodation fees?

Accurate information is just what this page provides! This article contains a detailed breakdown of hostels at Koforidua Technical University and the fees that apply. Explore our article for detailed information.

Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees

The management of Koforidua Technical University has released a list of the available hostels and their fees. Students who want to take advantage of the hostels available are advised to go through the list and take note of the cost of their preferred hostel.

Koforidua Technical University Hostel Fees

GET-FUND Hostel Right on Campus –  Male and Female

  • Location: School Campus
  • Cost: GH₵1,800.00 for a room of six occupants and GH₵2,000.00 for a room of four occupants.

How to Book the GETFUND Hostel

  1. Visit hostel.ktu.edu.gh
  2. Log in using your student portal username and password.
  3. Freshers must pay their school fees before proceeding to book the hostel space.
  4. Access your admission portal for Index number, Programme, Level, Email (username), default password, and affiliated hall.
  5. Use the provided email and password to access the student and hostel portal.
  6. Scroll to the ‘Rooms’ section.
  7. Review the available room categories (6in1 or 4in1) based on your hall and gender.
  8. Click on your preferred room category to see available rooms.
  9. Select a bed from the available options (Green: available to book, Yellow: booked pending payment, Red: booked and paid, Grey: reserved).
  10. You can pay for the space using your student index number by selecting ‘Pay as Hostel’ via the shortcode *776*102#
  11. You can also pay through ADB, GCB, UMB, Fidelity, or Republic banks using the KTU Connect payment platform.
  12. Upon successful payment, the bed will be assigned to you.

Note: A bed can be reserved for 48 hours, failure to pay within 48 hours will result in the loss of reservation, making the room available again.

Contentment Hostel

  • Location: Behind VC’s Residence, Mile 50, Koforidua
  • Cost:  GH₵ 1,900.00 for men and GH₵ 2,000.00. for women.
  • Number of occupants: Two per room

Papobi Liberty Hostel (Mixed: Male and Female)


  • GH₵ 2,200 for single-occupant rooms.
  • GH₵2,000 for two occupant rooms.
  • GH₵ 1,350 for three occupant rooms.

Yasetko Hostel (Plantain)

  1.  Ghc1150.00 for two occupants’ rooms
  2.  Ghc1350.00 each for two occupant rooms with a washroom.

Lords Hostel

  • GH¢ 1500.00 for two occupants rooms
  • GH¢ 1200.00 for three occupant rooms
  •  GH¢ 1,000.00 for four occupant rooms.

Adehyie Hostel

  • One-in-a room(Big) = GH₵ 2,000.00
  • One-in-a room(Small) = GH₵ 1,800.00
  • 2 per room = GH₵ 1250.00
  • 3 per room = GH₵ 1150.00 to 1350.00
  • 4 per room = GH₵ 1,050.00


  1. GH¢ 3200 per person for a single room self-contains with toilet, bath, and kitchen.
  2. GH 1800 for single room self-contained with toilet, bath, kitchen = 2/1 room.
  3.  GH¢ 1700 for single-occupant rooms.
  4. GH¢ 1600 for two occupant rooms.
  5.  GH¢ 1250 for four occupant rooms.


  • Gh1,650.00 with toilet & bath inside
  • Gh1,550.00 for two occupant rooms (Non-Executive)
  • Gh1,500.00 for four occupant rooms(Executive)
  • Gh1,450.00 for four occupant rooms (Non-Executive)
  • Gh1,150.00 for six-occupant rooms.


  • GH¢3,000.00 for two occupants rooms
  • GH¢2,800.00 for three occupant rooms
  • GH¢2,600.00 for four occupant rooms.
  • GH¢ 2,400.00 for six-occupant rooms.

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