Kogi State College Of Education Ankpa Post UTME Form 2024/2025

Do you intend to apply for admission to the Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa? If so, you should learn about the KSCOE Ankpa Post-UTME Form for the 2024/2025 academic year. You will find all the information in this post that you require to submit an application that will boost your chances of being accepted.

The Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa, is now accepting applications from potential people looking to establish themselves in the educational industry. Candidates for the POST-UTME screening forms may access their forms online through the college website after paying a non-refundable cost of Two Thousand Naira (N2.000.00).

KSCOE Ankpa Post UTME Available Courses


  • Arabic/ English Arabic/Islamic Studies
  • English/CRS English/Economics
  • English/Political Science
  • English/Social Studies
  • English/French
  • English/Theatre Arts
  • English/History
  • English/Islamic Studies
  • French/Political Science
  • French/Social Studies
  • English/Igala
  • English/Yoruba
  • English/Hausa
  • Igala/Social Studies
  • Igala/CRS
  • Igala/Political Science
  • Igbo/English
  • Igbo/Social Studies
  • Igbo/Political Science
  • Igbo/ CRS
  • Hausa/Social Studies
  • Hausa/Islamic Studies
  • Yoruba/Social Studies


  • Adult and Nonformal Education/English
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Mathematics
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Political Science
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Islamic Studies
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Social Studies
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/ CRS
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Economics
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Arabic
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Social Studies
  • Adult and Nonformal Education/Theater Arts
  • Primary Education/ Economics
  • Primary Education/English
  • Primary Education/Mathematics
  • Primary Education/History
  • Primary Education/Social Studies
  • Primary Education/Political Science
  • Primary Education/Islamic Studies
  • Primary Education/ Christian Religious Studies
  • Primary Education/Arabic
  • Primary Education/Fine and Applied Arts


  • Agricultural Education
  • Business Education
  • Fine and Applied Arts Home Economics
  • Technical Education


  • Christian Religious Studies/Economics
  • Christian Religious Studies/History
  • Christian Religious Studies/Political Science
  • Christian Religious Studies/ Social Studies
  • Islamic Studies/Economics
  • Islamic Studies/Political Science
  • Islamic Studies/Social Studies
  • Islamic Studies/Geography
  • Social Studies/Economics
  • Social Studies/History Social Studies/Geography
  • Social Studies/Political Science
  • Social Studies/Theatre Arts

5. Integrated Science/Chemistry

  • Integrated Science/Chemistry
  • Integrated Science/Physics
  • Integrated Science/Mathematics
  • Integrated Science/Biology
  • Physical and Health Education (Double Major)
  • Computer Science Education/Integrated Science
  • Computer Science Education/Chemistry
  • Computer Science Education/Biology
  • Computer Science Education/Physics
  • Computer Science Education/Mathematics
  • Mathematics/Chemistry
  • Mathematics/Physics
  • Mathematics/Biology

How to Apply for KSCOE Ankpa Post UTME Form 2024/2025

Following these steps will allow you to submit a KSCOE Ankpa Post-UTME Form in 2024/2025:

  • Visit the college edu-portal via the school link.
  • To register, select New Applicant.
  • Complete the registration form, then press “Sign up.”
  • Put your username and password into the application portal to log in.
  • Make a payment of ₦‎2,000 using your preferred mode of payment. You can pay using Interswitch PayDirect at any bank, buy a PIN from Zenith Bank, or pay online using your debit card.
  • Once you’ve made the payment, re-log into the application portal and fill out the Post-UTME screening form with the accurate data.
  • The needed documentation, including a passport-size photo, must be uploaded.
  • Make sure all of the information is accurate by viewing the page in preview mode.
  • Print a copy of the form and submit it.

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