LASU Acceptance Fees And Payment Procedure 2023/2024

Are you in search of LASU acceptance fee for the 2023/2024 academic year? If so, we are pleased to inform you that we will cover all the information you require about the LASU Acceptance Fee in this article.

In this post, we will provide you with the exact acceptance rate for all new students, regardless of whether you are a resident of Lagos State or not. At some colleges, native students often pay less than non-native students; however, public universities do not operate in this manner.

LASU requires all new students to pay an acceptance fee, regardless of the department they are enrolled in. The information supplied below will confirm the acceptance fee that must be paid by all new students at LASU, and it is advised that all newly admitted students do so.

Lagos State University Acceptance Fee 2023/2024

As a first-year student or fresher, whether it be at a university, polytechnic, or even college, you must pay an acceptance fee to the institution in order to show that you have accepted the admission that has been granted to you.

Candidates who are accepted into Lagos State University (LASU) must pay an acceptance fee before paying any other tuition. You run the danger of having your admission canceled if you don’t pay this charge by the deadline.

1. European Languages (French and Russian). 25,000
2. Creative Art: Music 25,000
3. Creative Art: Theatre Arts 25,000
4. Creative Art: Visual Arts 25,000
5. History 25,000
6. Philosophy 25,000
7. Linguistics, African and Asian 25,000
8. English Literature 25,000
9. English Language 25,000
1. Transport Planning and Management 25,000
2. Public and international affairs 25,000
3. Sociology 25,000
4. Psychology 25,000
5. Social Works 25,000
6. Political Science 25,000
7. Mass Communication and Journalism 25,000
8. Economics 25,000
9. Business Administration 25,000
10. Finance 25,000
11. Management 25,000
12. Accounting 25,000
13. Insurance 25,000
14. Industrial relations and personnel management 25,000
1. Jurisprudence and International Law 30,000
2. Legal Studies 30,000
3. Private and Property Law 30,000
4. Islamic Law 30,000
5. Public Law 30,000
6. Commercial and Industrial Law 30,000
1. Mechanical Engineering 25,000
2. Electronic and Computer Engineering 25,000
3. Chemical and Polymer Engineering 25,000
1. Dentistry 30,000
2. Medicine and Surgery 30,000
1. Biochemistry 30,000
2. Physiology 30,000
1. Dentistry 30,000
2. Medicine and Surgery 30,000
1. Sociology of Education 25,000
2. Physiology of Education 25,000
3. Education Psychology 25,000
4. Educational Administration and Planning 25,000
5. Curriculum Theory 25,000
6. Religious Education 25,000
7. Islamic Studies Education 25,000
8. Christian Religious Studies 25,000
9. Yoruba Education 25,000
10. French Education 25,000
11. English Literature Education 25,000
12. English Education 25,000
13. Business Education 25,000
14. Technology Education 25,000
15. Home Economics Education 25,000
16. Sports Administration/Management 25,000
17. Exercise Physiology 25,000
18. Human Kinetics and Health Education 25,000
19. History Education 25,000
20. Geography Education 25,000
21. Social Studies Education 25,000
22. Integrated Science Education 25,000
23. Chemistry Education 25,000
24. Biology Education 25,000
25. Adult Literacy and Non-Formal Education 25,000
26. Adult Education 25,000
27. Adult Education Management 25,000
28. Guidance and Counseling 25,000

How to Pay LASU Acceptance Fees 2023

Simply follow these steps to pay the LASU admittance fee:

  • Access the Lagos State University website by logging in.
  • there, look up your status for entrance.
  • If you have received an admission offer, your admission status has been updated. In order to pay your acceptance fee, a link will be supplied to you.
  • To submit your acceptance, click the link and then do so.

Note: The deadline for paying the acceptance fee, which is typically two weeks following the day you are given admission consideration, must be met. The loss of your entrance could occur if you don’t pay it by the due date.

After carefully reading this page, it is anticipated that you will have a clear understanding of the registration process for newly admitted students as well as how to pay the LASU acceptance fee. Please feel free to tell your loved ones and friends about this fantastic content.

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