Likely Questions And Answers From The Life Changer

Do you want to register for the 2024/2025 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board(JAMB) Examination? Then you are aware that questions for the Use of English examination will be drawn from the novel ‘ The Life Changer’.

The purpose of this article is to give you a glimpse at the questions you are likely to find in the question paper. This article will provide you with a sense of direction to help you study for your examination. Read carefully and take note of the questions and their accompanying answers.

The Life Changer: A Brief Summary

The Life Changer written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

This novel tells the story of a young girl (Salma) who has just been admitted to study Law at Ahmadu Bello University. This novel talks about how Salma morphs from a young, shy, girl to a confident woman.

It also highlights her challenges on campus and how she was able to work around those challenges. The novel also talks about Salma’s mother Ummi who shares insights and wisdom on her experiences with her children and husband.

Likely Questions And Answers From The Life Changer

  1. Who is Ummi?
    Ans: Ummi is Salma’s mother.
  2. How many children does Ummi have?
    Ans: Ummi has 4 children
  3. Who is Ummi’s first child?
    Ans: Omar is the first child.
  4. Who are Ummi’s second and third children?
    Ans: Teemah is the older female while Jamila is the second.
  5. Who is Bint
    Ans: Bint is Ummi’s last child.
  6. How old is Bint? Ans. Bint is five years old.
  7. What is Omar’s father’s occupation, what time does he leave work?
    Ans. He is a Banker, he closes by 5 pm.
  8. Bint’s social study teacher was considered “meddlesome”, what does it mean?
    Ans. The teacher was always interfering.
  9. What is the name of Bint’s social study teacher?
    Ans. Mallam Salihu
  10. What question did Mallam Salihu ask the class?
    Ans. “What is good morning in French?”
  11. What question did Bint ask Mallam Salihu?
    Ans. “How do you say that’s very good in French?”
  12. What does Ummi mean in Arabic means what?
    Ans:  Mummy
  13. According to Ummi, she checks on the children because?
    Ans: To ensure that they keep their rooms neat.
  14. How old was Omar when he got admission?
    Ans. Omar was 18 years old.
  15. Omar was offered admission into which university and what course was he offered?
    Ans. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and was offered Law at Kongo Campus.
  16. What did Omar tell Teemah and Jamila to call him?
    Ans. He requested he be called learned brother.
  17. What gift was Omar expecting from his father?
    Ans. A smartphone
  18. Who sold Zobo?
    Ans: Teemah sold zobo.
  19. What was Omar’s JAMB score?
    Ans: He scored 230 out of 400.
  20. How many credits did Omar get in WAEC?
    Ans: He got 7 credits including English and Mathematics on his first attempt.
  21. Who was the HOD during Ummi’s time?
    Ans: Dr. Samuel Johnson.
  22. Describe Salma’s physical appearance.
    Ans: Salma is a fair-complexioned, tall, slim, and busty.
  23. What was Salma’s view of the lecturers?
    Ans: Salma viewed them as needy.
  24. What was Ummi’s matric number?
    Ans: Ummi’s matric number was UG0001.
  25. What is Ummi’s full name?
    Ans: Ummi Ahmad is her full name.
  26. What tribe is Dr. Samuel Johnson?
    Ans: Samuel Johnson is from the Yoruba tribe.
  27. Who did Salma compare the lecturers to?
    Ans: She compared them to the policeman.
  28. 35. Who was the formidable Boka?
    Ans: A traditional medicine man.
  29. What is the real name of the quiet one?
    Ans: Talle was the quiet one.
  30. What crimes was Talle guilty of?
    Ans: Kidnapping, armed robbery, and extortion.
  31. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?
    Ans: The boy was held for one week.
  32. How much did the kidnappers demand?
    Ans: One million but it was later reduced to two hundred and fifty thousand naira.
  33. How did the police arrest Zaki?
    Ans: He was arrested by the police at the point of collecting the ransom.
  34. 41. What happened to Zaki and Talle?
    Ans: They were sentenced to some years in prison for their crimes.
  35. What does EMAL stand for?
    Ans: Examination Malpractice
  36. What drove Salma out of the university
    Ans: She was found guilty of Examination Malpractice
  37. Which Hostel was Salma assigned to?
    Ans: Queen Amina Hall.
  38. Which of Salma’s friends was an aspiring singer?
    Ans: Tomiwa.
  39. What was their religion?
    Ans: Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians.
  40. What delicacy did Tomiwa and Salma introduce respectively?
    Ans:  Tomiwa introduced the snail delicacy while Salma introduced danwanke.
  41. Who is Dr. Dabo?
    Ans: He is a lecturer at the university.
  42. 58. Who was Tomiwa’s blind date?
    Ans: Habib.
  43. Tomiwa never had guys approaching her why?
    Ans: Over-confidence.
  44. Why did Habib suspect that Tomiwa wasn’t Salma?
    Ans: It was because Tomiwa’s confidence was more than Salma’s.
  45. Who amongst Salma’s friends hated politicians?
    Ans. Tomiwa.
  46. Why did Tomiwa hate politicians?
    Ans. She hated politicians because she believes that they were not trustworthy and were mostly the problem and not the solution.
  47. How was Tomiwa able to tell that Habib was a politician?
    Ans: When she heard Labaran call him ‘honorable’.
  48. Most students leave the university after being caught for Examination Malpractice without facing the committee because?
    Ans: Because they know their fate.
  49. Who posed as a committee chairman?
    Ans. Dr. Kabir.
  50. How much did Salma pay Dr. Kabir to avert the penalty?
    Ans: 100,000 naira.
  51. What does to lose it to the card mean?
    Ans: It means to lose money to gambling
  52. Who sang “The Gambler”?
    Ans: Kenny Rogers.
  53. What is the full meaning of “LT”?
    Ans: Laboratory Technologist.
  54. What does ‘IPO’ stand for?
    Ans. Investigating Police Officer.
  55. Who Is Hakimi?
    Ans: He is the district head of the village.
  56. What was Habib’s position in politics?
    Ans. He was the speaker of the house.
  57. Who is Lawal?
    Ans. Salim’s friend.
  58. What did Lawal refer to Salim’s online girlfriend as?
    Ans. Indian princess.
  59. Why was Salim disappointed after seeing his online date in person?
    Ans: She looked different from what she looked like online.
  60. Who was Natasha?
    Ans: She is part of the robbery syndicate. She was used by the robbers to lure men.
  61. When did it dawn on Salim that Natasha was part of the heist?
    Ans: The moment she said “Please don’t hurt him”
  62. Why were the robbers unable to start the getaway car?
  63. Ans. The gear was not engaged.
  64. 102. Who was Roger?
    Ans: One of the robbers.

Above are some of the likely questions drawn from the book “The life changer.” Candidates are advised to go through these questions and take note of the answers as they are likely to come out in the JAMB examination.

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