List of Art Courses You can Study Without Literature in English

Searching for a list of art courses you can study without Literature in English? If so, we have published a list of art courses you can study even without a credit in Literature in English. So reading on to see the full list of arts courses.

A lot of Nigerians are influenced into purchasing educational credentials to prove their academic worth as a result of the widespread notion that certificates are the only yardstick to measure one’s qualifications.

We all are aware of the fact that there is an increasing percentage of exam malpractice ravaging the educational system in Nigeria most especially the West Africa Examination Council, WAEC.

More often than not, students find it very difficult to cheat in subjects like literature in English as a result of how elaborate, well-structured, and complex it is. They end up with low grades and the inability to study their desired courses in the school of their choice.

A large number of Nigerian students are frequently very curious about the courses that are available at higher institutions in Nigeria but do not require Literature in English.

Although English literature is a very important subject for all art students, it is seldom taught individually.

Hence, when they receive their O’level results and their art subject is not passed, many art students become concerned.

Fortunately, there are still courses you may likely be enrolled in as an art student at various institutions, so we are happy to let you know that it’s not the end of the world.

What is Literature in English

Literature is writing that uses artistic expression and form and is considered to have merit or be important. As an artistic term, literature refers to written works, such as novels, short stories, biographies, memories, essays, and poetry.

The written word records the aggregate ideas of everyone who cared to share them with the world, preserving an entire culture.

Hence, we think that participating in the development and self-realization that is literature, even just in the reading aspect, is essential if one wants to be considered a true member of human society.

But writing is extremely important because, without the written word, literature would not exist in the accessible manner that it does today.

Some of the Importance of Literature in Society includes

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Medium of Communication
  • Literature can be a way of fun and entertainment
  • Understanding literature helps to visualize and form our society
  • Literature beads self-development
  • Our continuous knowledge of literature enhances creative thinking
  • We derive pleasure from reading exciting novels and stories

List of Art Courses You can Study Without Literature in English

If you’re an art student and you don’t have a decent grade in English literature, there are several courses you can take to get into a higher institution to study; the courses are mentioned below so you can look through them and choose any that you’re interested in applying for:

  1. Fine and Applied Arts
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Visual and Applied Arts
  4. History
  5. History and strategic studies
  6. History and international studies
  7. History and diplomatic studies
  8. International studies and diplomacy
  9. Arabic studies
  10. Anthropology
  11. Arabic Language
  12. Archaeology
  13. Christian Religious Studies
  14. Creative and visual arts
  15. International Relations and diplomacy
  16. History and diplomacy
  17. History and International Relations
  18. International and Comparative Politics
  19. History and Archaeology
  20. Philosophy
  21. Islamic Studies
  22. Philosophy and Religious studies
  23. Comparative Religious Studies
  24. Yoruba and Communication Art
  25. Fulfulde
  26. Economics
  27. Political Science
  28. Geography
  29. Sociology
  30. Psychology
  31. Sociology and Anthropology
  32. Theology
  33. Peace And Conflict Studies
  34. Policy And Administrative Studies

All interested art students can go through the list of courses they can study in Nigeria without Literature in English shortlisted above.

Thanks for reading, we wish you good luck in your educational pursuits. Do well to visit this site for any other difficulty that may come your way regarding making decisions that bother your education.