List of Courses Offered At Madonna University

Are you a prospective student of Madonna University? Do you want to know which courses are offered at Madonna University? You are on the right path! This article contains information on the list of courses offered at Madonna University.

As a prospective student, it is of utmost importance that you research the courses offered by your preferred institution and confirm if your preferred course of study is offered.

Researching the courses offered by your preferred institution will help you determine whether you will study at the institution or not. Before we get into the list of courses offered by Madonna University, let’s take a quick look at Madonna University.

Madonna University located in Okija, Anambra State was founded in 1999 by Father Edeh. Today, Madonna University has three campuses at Elele in Rivers State, Akpugo in Enugu State, and Okija in Anambra State. These campuses house different faculties and departments, they are as follows:-

  1. The Okija campus in Anambra state has the following Faculties: Management and Social Sciences; Arts and Education, and Law.
  2.  The Elele campus houses the faculty of Medicine Surgery and Pharmacology.
  3. The Akpugo campus houses the Faculty of Engineering.

These three campuses have their main libraries and libraries attached to faculties and departments. The university also has a postgraduate program and part-time program that runs on Fridays and Saturdays.

The courses offered at this University are duly accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Below is a list of Madonna University courses.

List of Courses Offered By Madonna University

  1. Accountancy
  2. Accountancy / Accounting
  3. Agricultural Technology
  4. Anatomy
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Business Education
  8. Business Management
  9. Chemical Engineering
  10. Chemical Engineering Technology
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Computer Science
  14. Economics
  15. Education and Computer Science
  16. Education and Geography
  17. Education and Science
  18. Electrical / Electronics Engineering
  19. English Language
  20. Entrepreneurship
  21. Food Science and Technology
  22. Industrial Chemistry
  23. International Relations
  24. Law
  25. Library and Information Science
  26. Marketing
  27. Mass Communication
  28. Mechanical Engineering
  29. Medical Laboratory Science
  30. Medicine and Surgery
  31. Microbiology
  32. Nursing / Nursing Science
  33. Optometry
  34. Petroleum Engineering
  35. Pharmacy
  36. Philosophy
  37. Physiology
  38. Political Science
  39. Psychology
  40. Public Administration
  41. Public Health Technology
  42. Religious Studies
  43. Sociology
  44. Theology

Above is a comprehensive list of all the courses offered at Madonna University, choose any of the courses that suit your needs.

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