NABTEB GCE Registration Form 2024 Instructions and Guidelines

This is to officially inform the general public that the NABTEB GCE Registration form has officially been released for all applicants who intend to take the second series of the National Business and Technical Examinations Board GCE, which begins in November/December, should kindly fill out the registration form.

Moreover, The processes and prerequisites for applying online are outlined here, and it is crucial that all interested individuals take note of them. The NAPTEB GCE Guidelines are in the PDF file.

In this article, we will be giving a rundown of the processes on how to apply for the NABTEB GCE Registration Form. Candidates for various students’ external examinations may now register through the NABTEB GCE form.

Continue reading for more juicy information and updates on the NABTEB GCE Registration Form Portal, just as the NABTEB Results will be made available to all applicants as soon as possible.

How to Register for NABTEB GCE Form 2024

To log in using the Pin, candidates should proceed to Students are urged to thoroughly read the Entry Guide, Examination Structure, Time-Table, List of Centres and Trades provided at each Centre, as well as other pertinent instructions.

NABTEB GCE Form payment Fee

The Registration for:

1. Nov/Dec NBC/NTC/General Education is N10,250 per candidate

2. Nov/Dec ANBC/ANTC is N12,250 per candidate.

3. GCE (Advanced Level) is N15,250 per candidate.


1. The registration fees cover examination fees, result checking, biometric registration, e-learning, and information VCD.

2. Late registration will attract a penalty of N5,000.00 per candidate.

Where can I Purchase the NABTEB GCE Registration Form?

For the aforementioned exams, private applicants may acquire registration PINs/Slots at:

1. NABTEB Zonal Offices in Abuja, Kaduna, Yola, Osogbo, Enugu, and Benin City,

2. NABTEB Liaison Office in Abuja,

3. NABTEB Area Office in Lagos,

4.  NABTEB State offices Nationwide and

5. NABTEB National Headquarters, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City.

NABTEB GCE NOV/Dec Registration Form Deadline

It is important for candidates to keep in mind that all registration deadlines will be announced on the official NAPTEB GCE Registration Portal.

NABTEB Registration Procedures and Guidelines

As part of the registration process, NABTEB has instituted biometric capture.

Visit a Cybercafe to Capture

1. Student biometric data (e.g., left and right thumbs). NOTE: The closest NABTEB office has a copy of the NABTEB Biometric Data Capture Application.

2. Make sure you supply the correct name and passport/ registration card alongside PIN and SERIAL when doing the Biometric Data Capture.

2. Endeavour to make provision for the appropriate passport and name/ registration card alongside PIN and SERIAL during your Biometric Data Capture.

3. After the completion of the Biometric Data Capture, visit the online Registration Portal to complete the Registration exercise.

4. Accordingly, complete and submit the form that appears.

5. Print the completed registration form and photo card and store them in a secure location.

Materials Allowed For NABTEB Examinations

1. Each candidate must bring their own ruler, mathematical set, ink, pencil, eraser, and pen.

2. Drawing Materials: Candidates must supply their own drawing supplies, including a drawing board, metric scale ruler, and Tee-square. In case they are needed, they may also use slide rules during the exam.

3. The use of simple, non-programmable, noiseless, and cordless calculators is allowed.

4. Examination candidates are not permitted to enter the examination room while carrying a GSM phone or any other electronic device.

Date and Time of Examination

1. Candidates must verify the date and hour of the start of their papers from the examination timetable, their examination location, or on the Board’s website.

2. In general, morning exams start at 9.00 a.m. Candidates are required to show up at their test locations at least 30 minutes before the start of each paper.

3. No candidate may leave the room prior to 30 minutes remaining in a 3-hour paper’s allotted time or 10 minutes remaining in an objective paper’s allotted time, unless medically necessary.

When a health issue is confirmed, the center supervisor is mandated to make sure that the exam room is not breached by the removal of the question papers and other work items. In a similar vein, 30 minutes after the start of a paper, no applicant may enter an examination room.

4. As stated on the agenda, all practical/oral tests are anticipated to start at 9.00 a.m. At the time specified on the timetable, candidates must show up at the centers where they are expected to take their practical/oral examination.

Exams Conditions for Visually-Challenged Candidates

1. Visually-challenged candidates would also register online but must clearly state the nature of their challenges.

2. Privilege should be given to all Albinos who will be writing the Examinations:

  •  For Objective – Extra 10 Minutes.
  •  For Practical – Extra 20 Minutes.


1. It is strongly recommended that candidates use a standard cybercafé for their entries.

2. The collection of biometric data is a prerequisite for all applicants.

This is all for NABTEB Registration Form 2024; Instructions and Guidelines. For more detailed information, please visit this site again. Thank You.