List of Courses Offered by Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

List of Courses Offered by Nigerian College of Aviation Technology. The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria, formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Center, offers a wide range of aviation courses tailored to the needs of the Nigerian aviation industry. The college was established with the following objectives:

1. Conducting and organizing civil aviation courses for use in flight training or airport operations and management, as prescribed from time to time.
2. Training approved qualified students in the installation, maintenance, and operation of technical equipment aimed at increasing the margin of operational safety of civil aircraft.
3. Providing training on the necessary equipment and facilities for technical research or normal use.

NCAT’s courses are highly professional and technical, making it essential to understand the admission requirements for the college. Below is a list of NCAT courses, including Flying School courses, Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering Courses, Aircraft Management Engineering Courses, Aviation Management Courses, and Air Traffic and Communication Courses, along with the admission entry requirements for prospective students:

Entry Requirements:

– Minimum age of 17 years for PPL and 18 years for CPL
– Minimum educational qualification of five O’Level credits in subjects including Mathematics, English Language, Physics, and Geography or any other science subject

List of Courses Offered by Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

Here is the official list of accredited courses offered at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria:

1. Flying School Courses:
– Standard Pilot Course
– PPL (Private Pilot Licence Course)
– IR (Instrument Rating)
– CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence Course)
– MER (Multi-Engine Rating)
– Night Rating
– Instrument Renewal (Simulator)
– SFO (Standard Flight Operation Course)
– SFOR (Standard Flight Operation Refresher)
– Dispatcher Currency
– Cabin Crew Initial Training
– Cabin Crew Conversion Course
– Cabin Crew Recurrent/Re-qualification

2. Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering:
– ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel)
– Pre-License Course
– TRAINAIR STP Nav Aids Equipment Maintenance Course
– Air Navigation System Management Courses
– TRAINAIR STP Alcatel DVOR Equipment Maintenance (Trainair STP)
– Surveillance Radar Principle Course
– Secondary Surveillance Radar Principle
– Airfield Ground Lighting System Course

3. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses:
– Airframe and Power Plant (Abridged)
– Airframe and Power Plant (Standard)
– PMA (Pressurized Metal Airframe)
– Abridged Avionics Course
– Direct and Remote Reading Compass Course
– Airborne Radio Course
– Automatic Flight Control System Course
– HF (Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Course)
– Non-destructive Testing and Inspecting Course
– Maintenance Organization and Regulation Course
– Gas Turbine Engine Course
– Aircraft Batteries Maintenance Course
– Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair Course
– Wheel and Brakes Modular Course
– Workshop Technician
– Basic Technician Certificate
– Intermediate Technician Certificate
– License Preparatory Modular Course
– Avionics License Modular Course
– Airfield Ground Lighting (Visual/Night Landing System) Course

4. Aviation Management Courses:
– Basic Aviation Planning, Operations, and Management Course
– AAPOM (Advanced Aviation Planning, Operations, and Management Courses)
– AVSEC (Aviation Security Basic Course)
– ATEC (Air Transport Economics Course)
– MA-035 (Safety Management Systems Course – SMS)
– HF (Human Factor Aviation Passenger Service)
– HND-AM (Higher National Diploma in Aviation Management AS Aviation Statistics Course)
– PGDAM (Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management)
– First Aids for Airport Operation Course

5. Air Traffic Services/Communication Courses:
– Aviation Language Proficiency Course-Rating/Proficiency
– AVEL (Aviation English for Non-English Speaking Countries)
– AVSEC (Aviation Security Awareness)
– AVSEC (Aviation Security Basic)
– ACRF (ATC Refresher Course)
– AC (Standard Air Traffic Control Course)
– Area Airway Non-Radar 12 Weeks Terminal/Area Radar Course
– Area Control Course Refresher
– Govt. Aviation Operations
– Apron Control Course
– Aeronautical Operations Officer Course

These are the accredited courses offered at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.

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