NECO Registration 2024 Instructions and Guidelines

Are you a student preparing to sit for the NECO exams 2024? If yes, you need to start preparing early for the registration process.

This notice is to all potential applicants that the National Examination Council of Nigeria (NECO) has officially announced the deadline for the 2024 June/July (SSCE Internal) registration for the 2022/2024 academic session.

The registration form for the 2024 June/July NECO SSCE, which was supposed to expire on Monday, May 30, 2024, is still valid.

You can learn everything you need to know about senior secondary school NECO registration for this year by reading this post if you haven’t registered yet.

Here, we will give you detailed information about the NECO registration ranging from the start date for the NECO SSCE, the registration fee, the deadline, how to apply, and other pertinent information.

The National Examination Council (also known as NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and November/December respectively.

How to Register for 2024 NECO SSCE

There are two methods of registering for NECO SSCE which are:

The first one is offline registration

The second one is online registration

How to Register 2024 NECO SSCE Offline Using NECO Offline App

Most school candidates and persons who want to register through their various schools use offline registration for the National Examination Council (NECO) in 2024. The steps for offline registration are listed below.

1. Visit the school you want to register for first.

2. Participate in the SS2 mock exam by enrolling as a full-time student.

3. To obtain a registration form, pay your school the NECO registration fee.

4. Complete the form properly and accurately with your personal information.

5. Together with your passports and any other necessary documents, submit your registration form.

6. After completing your biometrics, wait for your exam number.

7. You can download the NECO offline App for free by visiting

How to Register 2024 NECO Online on NECO Registration Portal

The ideal way for you to register for NECO SSCE 2024 on your own is through an online application. The processes are explained below.

1. First, visit, the NECO registration website.

2. You can find the ‘Don’t have an account?’ form in the pop-up window. , then click “Register here.”

Now fill in the following information in the registration form:

1. Enter your Full name

2. Fill in your valid phone number

3. Enter your valid email address

4. Choose a password

5. Reenter our password to confirm

6. Click on the ‘REGISTER’ button

7. log in to the email you used and click on the link sent by NECO to proceed.

8. Select a suitable payment option and make payment for the registration

9. Fill out and submit your registration form

10. Locate the cafe operator to do an offline biometric verification and validation

11. Finally, print your photocard

NECO 2024 Registration Starting And Closing Date

The NECO 2024 enrollment period runs from March to May 2024. To take the exam, all applicants must register before the scheduled date.

Please be aware that you can still register for the exam before it’s too late as long as the NECO registration portal is available.

Requisite for NECO Registration 2024

All NECO candidates will need the following prerequisites to apply for NECO 2024, per the National Examination Council’s (NECO) requirements:

1. 4 Copies of Passport photograph

2. The Candidate’s address

3. Maiden/Guardian Names

4. An email

5. Local Government Area and State of Origin of the candidate

6. Personal Information of the candidate

7. List of 8 (minimum) or 9 (maximum) subjects of the candidate

8. Compulsory biometric capturing

Eligibility Criteria For The NECO Exam

Make sure you satisfy the NECO’s eligibility requirements before starting the registration procedure. The following requirements must be met to take the NECO exam:

1. The examination must be taken when you are at least 16 years old.

2. In any private or public secondary school in Nigeria, you must have completed at least five years of secondary education (SS3 or SS2).

3. You must have taken and passed either the NCEE or its equivalent, the National Common Entrance Examination.

Subjects Requirements for NECO Registration

The NECO test has 76 topics, which are split into six sections.

Science and mathematics, humanities, trade/entrepreneurship, and business studies are some of the subjects having mandatory cross-cutting.

It should be noted that a candidate may sit for up to nine subjects, with a minimum of eight. Candidates are presented for the SSCE Internal from each Senior Secondary school in the Federation.

NECO Registration Requirements 2024

Any applicant who wishes to register for the examination must fulfill each of the prerequisites listed below in accordance with the National Examination Council:

1. You must be enrolled in Senior Secondary School 3 or 2 or have graduated from high school to qualify.

2. A distinct and current phone number and email address are required for registration.

3. You need to have accurate information for your name, gender, date of birth, home address, county, and state of origin.

4. copies of four passport photos.

5. You must have the eight to nine subject lists for the NECO exams.

6. During registration, you must also have the NECO exam fee.

How Much Is NECO 2024 Registration Fee?

The NECO registration cost is 12,000 naira for both internal and external SSCE applicants (N12,000). There is no refund for this price.

Please be aware that, in accordance with your school’s policies, you must pay the money to the management of the school if you are a candidate for admission.

Is NECO 2024 Timetable Out?

There isn’t yet a schedule for NECO 2024. The timetable for 2024 has not been made public by the NECO authority. Once the schedule is available, we will inform you.

NECO 2024 Exam Commencement Date

The exam is yet to be announced.

Process for Registering External/Private Candidates

Candidates for the NECO exam who want to register as external or private candidates should take the actions listed below:

1. Registration is available at

2. By clicking on the “Go to SSCE External Site” screen, you can visit the SSCE website.

3. Password and Username are mandatory fields.

4. Tapping “Login” will take you to the registration dashboard.

5. Applicants are urged to register according to the correct process.

6. It is advisable to register through a school or computer café if you are not familiar with online registrations.

7. Candidates must present or scan a passport and submit biometric fingerprint thumbprinting to register.

8. Candidates must verify their fingerprints, and if they don’t, they won’t be allowed to sit the exam.

Additional Information For NECO Registration 2024

The additional information you should know for NECO registration and examination includes the following:

1. It is strongly suggested to use reputable cybercafés because the Council will not be held responsible for issues with candidate registration. At our state offices across the nation, Internet Service Providers are on display.

2. Candidates should thoroughly study the directions on the online scratch card before registering.

3. The Rules and Syllabuses should be carefully studied by candidates before registering.

4. Applicants must be aware that their registration-related image or photo will appear embossed on their certificates.

5. Smoking, cell phones, and other electronic communication devices are prohibited in the examination hall.

6. Candidates must wear mufti, and no one with arms will be permitted into the examination hall.

7. Applicants who try to register countless times will have their results thrashed. It is quite impossible to make more than one entry.

8. Before making any registration, applicants who might have lost or damaged their scratch card will have no other choice than to purchase a new one.

.9. Also, you need to take cognizance of the fact that once the examination commences, no Candidate is allowed into the exam hall again.

That’s it on the guidelines you should keep in this NECO Examination.