NECO Registration Deadline 2024 (June/July) Examination

Are you interested in registering for the National Examination Council (NECO)? Do you need information on the deadline stipulated for the registration? Obviously, the National Examination Council through its management has announced the extension of the deadline of the 2024 NECO registration.

This extension demonstrates NECO’s dedication to making sure the SSCE runs without any difficulties. Candidates are urged to make the most of this extra time, finish registering as soon as possible, and be ready for the examination as much as possible.

Be duly notified that we have provided explicit details about NECO registration deadline and the timetable for the examination. If you are eager to find out the deadline for NECO registration please kindly check below.

NECO Registration Deadline 2024

The National Examination Council (NECO) registration which was originally scheduled end on May 30, 2024, has now been extended to Saturday, June 10, 2024. This information was made public from NECO to members of the general public, stakeholders, and prospective examinees.

NECO Timetable 2024

Although the registration period has been extended, the exam schedule has not changed. The 2024 NECO will still take place from Monday, July 3, to Friday, August 10, 2024.

The full timetable for the forthcoming examination can be viewed by candidates, parents, and school administrators by visiting the NECO’s official website.

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