NYSC Final Clearance Procedure For Passing Out Parade

Are you a Youth Corper whose Passing Out Parade date is looming near? Do you need information on the NYSC final clearance procedure for the passing-out parade so that you can be better prepared? If your answers to the above questions are positive, then you should look no further, this article is just what you have been looking for.

This article will provide information on the final clearance procedure and a lot more. Continue reading to explore its contents.

NYSC Final Clearance Procedure for Passing Out Parade

Documents Needed for NYSC Passing Out Parade

Below is a list of documents you will need to present before you can be deemed ready to pass out from the NYSC.

1. NYSC Identity card

The NYSC Identity Card is the major requirement for the issuance of the NYSC Passing Out Parade Certificate. If you have misplaced your NYSC ID card, ensure that you get the means of identification before the Passing out parade day.

2. Final clearance 

The original final clearance letter issued to every corp member at their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is required during the passing out parade.

You are required to have the original copy of the final clearance letter, if you don’t, the Certificate of a Service year completion will not be issued to you.

It is important that the original stamp is visible on it in order to confirm the authenticity and originality of the document.

3. The attestation clearance

This is another important document required for the passing out parade. The attestation is a document issued to you at the NYSC Local Government secretariat before the POP day. Ensure you obtain it before the scheduled date for the NYSC Passing-Out Parade.

NYSC Dress Code During Passing Out Parade

  1. Crested Vest
  2. Jungle Boot
  3. Face Cap
  4. Belt
  5. Khaki trousers
  6. Green white green socks
  7. Khaki Shirt (optional)

You are mandated to appear in what is called 6/7 i.e. you may choose not to wear the khaki shirt.

NYSC Final Clearance Procedure For Passing Out Parade

The following things are expected from every corps Member:-

  1. Obtain your final clearance from your PPA. (It must be a letter headed paper, it must be signed with a stamp or sealed from your office)
  2. Staple your ID card to the final clearance.
  3. Submit these to the LGI to clear you.
  4. The CDS Officer (CDS Coordinator) will sign and clear you for CDS, Foundation Form, and Magazine payment.
  5. The CDS Officer or Coordinator will take the final clearance to Z.I. (LGI) office for a Z.I. stamp, then they will be returned to you.
  6. The final clearance will be used for the final bio-metrics. Once the final biometrics is done, the officer will sign and stamp the final clearance for the final biometrics.

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