NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate: How To Get Yours Today

Every prospective corp member (PCM) is required to arrive at the NYSC Orientation Camp with several important documents and the NYSC medical fitness certificate is one of those important documents.If you are a PCM and you want to know if you can obtain the medical fitness certificate yourself and you can go about obtaining it, this article is just the thing you need!

In this article, you will be provided with guidance on how to get your medical fitness certificate, we will also help you to differentiate between a medical report and a fitness certificate, etc. Before we go into the point of this article, let’s take a look at NYSC’s statement on the medical fitness certificate.

NYSC Statement About Medical Certificate of Fitness

Below is the NYSC’s official statement on the certificate of fitness:-

“All Prospective Corps Members MUST present their medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted to the orientation course”

“Management wishes prospective Corps members a safe journey to their respective camps as well as a successful Orientation course.”

From the quoted statements above, one can see that the certificate of fitness is a compulsory document and must be presented at the NYSC Orientation camp. The importance of this certificate is that it helps the NYSC to ascertain the true health conditions of every prospective corps member.

This measure was adopted by the management of NYSC after they lost up to 3 corps members in 2016 at an orientation camp due to health failures.

We are certain that you are wondering about the ways to obtain your own medical certificate of fitness, do not worry, we will provide you with proper guidance.

NYSC Medical Certificate Test Requirements

A valid certificate should carry information on the following tests:-

  1. HIV
  2. Genotype
  3. Blood group
  4. Chest X-ray
  5. PCV
  6. HCV
  7. Urinalysis
  8. Haemoglobin
  9. Stool analysis
  10. Blood pressure
  11. Visual acuity.

N/B: A valid medical certificate of fitness should carry the hospital stamp and be duly signed by a Chief Medical Officer in the hospital.

Let us look at the difference between a certificate of Fitness and a medical report.

Difference between the NYSC medical report and medical certificate of fitness

  1. A medical certificate of fitness can only be obtained from a general hospital or military clinic, while a medical report can be obtained from any hospital, be it private or public.
  2. A medical certificate of fitness is specifically required for NYSC registration, meanwhile, a medical report is not compulsory, only corp members who want to apply for relocation are required to have it.
  3. Medical tests are carried out before a medical fitness certificate is issued to a prospective corp member (PCM), while a medical report is based on a corp member’s health history known by their physician indicating that they have certain ailments.

How to get an NYSC medical certificate of fitness

To get the authentic medical certificate of fitness for NYSC registration, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Visit a nearby government hospital or military clinic.
  2. At the reception, request for consultation card.
  3. Tell the Doctor that you want to obtain a medical certificate of fitness.
  4. Give the doctor a list of tests NYSC expects from you.
  5. Go to the lab room to drop off your specimen, then proceed to other tests.

How to get NYSC Medical Report for the NYSC relocation application

Note that the NYSC medical report is only required when a corp member is interested in applying for relocation to another state. To obtain this report, you will need to visit a doctor who will check your medical history and then write a report for you.

N/B: If you are interested in relocation on a health basis, you are advised to go to the NYSC Orientation Camp with the report. You are also encouraged to obtain this medical report from either a military or general hospital in order to be taken seriously.

Take note of the following points:-

  1. Only hospitals owned by the military, police, customs, federal medical centers, teaching hospitals, general hospitals, government specialist hospitals, etc. are recognized.
  2. You cannot use your friend’s own. Your name has to be on the test result.
  3. It is mandatory by the NYSC management.
  4. Only doctors employed by a government, or military hospital can sign the certificate for you.
  5. The certificate is valid for only 3 months after issuance or collection from the hospital.

How much does the NYSC Medical Certificate cost?

The cost of this certificate is solely dependent on the hospital you visit and the type of tests carried out. The estimated cost of this report is around N4,000 – N7,000.

We hope that at the end of this article, you have been able to gain more information on NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate. If you have further questions about the subject matter, please ask them in the comment box and expect our swift response.