Pentecost University College Cut off Points 2024/2025

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The Pentecost University College (PUC) Cut Off Points are mainly used to identify qualified candidates for admission into the institution. So, therefore, students must meet up to the required cut-off mark so as to be eligible for admission into Pentecost University College (PUC) as their first choice of institution.

In most cases too, the cut-off point for Pentecost University College is to be used by a prospective candidate who wants to get admitted into the institution as guidance in selecting his or her courses or programmes.

Such Candidates are expected to measure the Pentecost University College Cut off points 2024/2025 against their grades in order to find out whether they are qualified to be admitted into the particular programme of choice.

Your admission and course of study are solely dependent on The Pentecost University College Cut off points 2024/2025.

Pentecost University College Cut-Off Points 2024/2025

The following are the Pentecost University College cut-off points to consider before applying for admission to any academic programme available at Pentecost University College for the 2024/2025 Academic Year.

Details of the Pentecost University College Cut off points 2024/2025. These cut-off points are only to guide us and hence are not fixed.

Programme 2024/2025
College of Basic & Applied Sciences
B.Sc. Agriculture 24
B.Sc. Family & Consumer Sciences 24
B.Sc. Engineering Sciences 14
B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences 18
B.Sc. Information Technology 15
B.Sc. Physical Sciences 24
B.Sc. Earth Science 18
B.Sc. Biological Science 24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 15
College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery 7
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 10
Bachelor of Pharmacy 8
Bachelor of Nursing 12
B.Sc. Dental Laboratory Sciences 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Dietetics 16
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences 12 1st Choice
B.Sc. Midwifery 20
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy 16 1st Choice
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
B.Sc. Radiography 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice – 10
College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws 7
B.Sc. Administration Regular 8
B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying
B.Sc. Administration City Campus
Bachelor of Arts – General Arts Background 16/17
Bachelor of Arts – Fee-paying
Bachelor of Arts – Business/Science/Vocational Background 12
Bachelor of Arts – City Campus
Bachelor of Fine Arts
College of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Education 24
Bachelor of Science in Education 24
Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education 30
Bachelor of Science in Administration – Distance Education 26
B.Sc. Information Technology – Distance Education 30

Entry or Admission Requirements of Pentecost University College

Professional and Short Courses

The following minimum admission requirements are compulsory for Candidates wishing to apply for professional and short courses at PUC.

Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)

Category A: Applicants below 27 years

Passes in SSCE or GCE ‘O’ level English and Mathematics or its equivalent.

Category B: Applicants 27 years or above

Applicants must have two (2) years of relevant work experience and must pass an interview conducted by the college.

Association of Business Executives, UK (ABE)

Diploma 4 (Certificate) Level

1. Applicant should have passed SSCE/WASSSCE.

2. Applicants with minimal qualifications and working experience can also apply.

Higher Diploma 5A (Diploma I)

1. Applicants must have passed the ABE Certificate Level.

2. Alternatively, applicants must have passed at GBCE/RSA III/LCC III/DBS/ Technician Part III or any certificate equivalent to three “A” level passes.

Higher Diploma 5B (Diploma II)

All entrants must have passed the Diploma I of any ABE programme.

Graduate Diploma 6 (Advanced Diploma)

The advanced Diploma is equivalent to a University degree. The requirement for this stage is mainly based on the following:

BTEC, HND, or ABE Diploma II, ICA/ACCA II, CIM Diploma, CIPS Diploma or equivalent.

Applicants who have GCE ‘A’ Level passes and working experience at the managerial level will be admitted.

Postgraduate Diploma 7

Holders of the ABE Advanced Diploma in Business Management

Holders of ABE advanced Diploma in another programme

Degree holders in related subject areas.

Holders of other internationally recognized relevant qualifications at NQF level 6

Applicants with five years of relevant senior management work experience

Degree Programmes

Applicants for any of the degree programmes of study at PUC are required to have one of the following minimum entry requirements.

SSCE Holders

Six (6) passes including:

Core English,

Core Mathematics

and either Integrated Science

or Social Studies

and three (3) Electives in relevant subjects

Applicants should have an aggregate score of 6 – 24 in the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations.

WASSCE Holders

Six (6) Credits including:

Core English,

Core Mathematics

and either Integrated Science or Social Studies

and three (3) Electives in relevant subjects

Applicants should have an aggregate score of 6 – 36 in the WASSCE as interpreted below:

Both SSSCE and WASSSCE Holders

Candidates with a combination of the two grading systems shall be treated on a case-by-case basis.

‘A’ Level Holders

Five (5) Credit passes in GCE ‘O’ Level Examination, including:

English Language

and Mathematics

and Three (3) ‘A’ Level passes in relevant subjects.

A pass in the General paper is required.

Mature Applicants

Must be at least 27 years old and above at the time of submitting the application, must have at least five years of relevant work experience and must pass a written examination and an interview conducted by the College for mature students.

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