Professional Certification Courses in Nigeria for NYSC Corp Members

This article publishes a list of professional certification courses in Nigeria for NYSC Corp Members. So if that is what you are searching for, then you are on the right page.

Completing NYSC without developing essential personal values or obtaining a professional certification would be a missed opportunity. Relying solely on your undergraduate degree during a job search could be inadequate; you sure need supplementary and/or additional certifications. 

This article aims to be highly beneficial by offering guidance on selecting suitable professional certification programs to pursue during your service year.

What is the Definition of Professional Certification?

In numerous job listings, you frequently encounter requirements that pertain to supplementary credentials. Statements such as “extra qualifications are beneficial” suggest that applicants possessing professional certifications hold a higher appeal and enjoy a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

Professional certification involves acquiring supplementary and relevant qualifications and competencies that establish you as a specialist in your field, enhancing your worth within a specific industry. It showcases your possession of the necessary expertise, background, and abilities to effectively execute a particular job and its related responsibilities.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining Professional Certification?

  • Skill Development: Professional certifications provide an opportunity for corporate members to enhance their current abilities and gain fresh ones. These certifications concentrate on particular industries or job functions, providing individuals with hands-on knowledge and specialized expertise. By acquiring these specific skills, corporate members can distinguish themselves in a competitive employment landscape.
  • Enhanced Employability: In the current employment landscape, candidates holding relevant certifications are highly sought after by employers. These certifications showcase an individual’s dedication to advancing professionally and validate their expertise in a particular field. Possessing a certification can provide job seekers with a competitive advantage, amplifying their prospects of attaining well-paying job positions.
  • Progress in One’s Career: Professional certifications offer pathways for advancing in one’s career. They indicate a commitment to ongoing learning and excellence in one’s profession. These certifications can unlock opportunities for promotions, salary enhancements, and the pursuit of more demanding positions within a company.
  • Recognition within the industry: Specific professional certifications hold significant esteem and acknowledgement within their respective fields. Obtaining these certifications showcases a corporate member’s commitment to staying updated with industry norms and superior methodologies. This acknowledgement plays a pivotal role in establishing credibility and earning trust from employers, clients, and peers alike.

Recommended Professional Certification Courses for NYSC Corp Members

Here are some recommended professional certification courses suitable for NYSC Corp members based on their fields of study:

  1. For those in accounting, pursuing an ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria) program is advisable.
  2. Nursing science graduates may find the PON (Peri-Operative Nursing) certification beneficial.
  3. If you have a background in computer science, consider aiming for Oracle Database or Cisco (SISCO) certifications.
  4. Management science graduates could greatly benefit from obtaining the NIMC (Nigeria Institute of Management Chartered) certification.
  5. Electrical engineering students might discover value in certifications like Instrumentation and Control or HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) certifications.


Failing to prioritize personal development through acquiring a professional certification during NYSC would squander a valuable chance.

Depending solely on an undergraduate degree in your job hunt might prove inadequate and regrettable. A supplementary and/or additional certification is very important, as it will distinguish you in the highly competitive job market.

Make the most of some affordable professional certification courses tailored for NYSC Corp members in Nigeria. This blog post aims to offer valuable advice on choosing the most suitable professional certification programs to pursue during your service year.