Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session

 Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025 has been published. Students of Rhodes University can now check the correct school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session in this article. This article contains information on Rhodes University Tuition Fees for undergraduate students and also features information on the payment options for Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025.
Were you just offered admission into Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025? Or Are you a returning student of Rhodes University? Then you need to now the correct school fees for the 2024/2025 academic year. Read details below.

Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025


Students of Rhodes University pay two kinds of fees. The first is the tuition and residence fees and the others are handout, examination, etc. fees. The cost of these fees are as follows:-

  1. Tuition fees for undergraduate students at Rhodes University range from R39 493 to R71 387. 
  2. Residence fees range from R78 488 to R82 403 for undergraduate and R93 009 for postgraduate students. 

Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025: General Fees

Below is a break down of Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025

New students- SA and International    2024 Fees   
Application fee: (SA and International applicants)        100   
Tuition Acceptance Fee (non- refundable)        800   
Residence Acceptance Fee (non-refundable )        1,000   
Initial Fee Payments           
Returning students  SA and International       
Initial Fee Payments           
Master’s Internship research: Psychology        4,010   
PhD retrospective registration    per year    18,563   
Late registration: not in attendance on prescribed date        1,791   
Examination fees       
Supplementary examinations:           
Per course or half course        1,414   
Per subsidiary course (PGCE)        389   
Extended DP examinations  per course        1,414   
 per half course        877   
Extended DP Initial Fee Payment        772   
Initial Fee Payment: Special categories including upgrading NCP’s            772   
Current Students:           
Transcripts (First academic transcript request, no charge, each for the June and December examination session. Any further request)            85   
Transcripts with Course Outlines        95   
Cost of Transcript        150   
Cost of Course Outline        15   
Cost of Letters of Completion        60   
Cost of Transcript and Letters of Completion        210   
Cost of Transcript with Course Outlines        165   
Re-scrutiny      2,169   
Copy of Script        241   
Other Penalties/Levies           
Foreign Drafts Levy/ Dishonored Cheques/ Unpaid Debit Order        235   
Failure to produce ID at examinations/Cell phone ringing at exams        345

Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025: Tuition Fees Per Annum

    2024 Fees   
BA (Please note: students not registered for BJourn who take Journ 2,3,or 4 courses will be charged the BJourn degree fee)        55 233   
BA Foundation Course : first two years    per year    40 089   
First three years    per year    60 428   
Fourth year        48 403   
BCom        60 428   
BCom Foundation Course: first two years    per year    43 652   
BEcon        60 428   
BEd        55 162   
BFineArt    see also other fees    55 233   
BJourn (Please note: the equipment levy for students studying Journalism 2, 3, 4 & Diploma has been included in the Journalism tuition fee)   
First year        55 233   
Second year (includes equipment levy)        64 810   
Third year (includes equipment levy)        69 680   
Fourth year (includes equipment levy)        71 387   
BMus : all years of study (see also other fees)    per year    58 500   
First year (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Registration, Professional Coat, Handouts and Printing Material)        59 588   
Second year (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Annual Fee, Handouts and Printing Material)        63 305   
Third year (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Annual Fee, Handouts and Printing Material)        64 800   
Fourth year (SAPC Annual Fee, Handouts and Printing Material)        67 965   
BSc        57 461   
BSc Foundation Course: first two years    per year    39 493   
BSc (Information Systems)        60 428   
BScD (Software Development)        60 428   
BSocSc        55 233   
BSocSc : Foundation Course    per year    40 089   
LLB        61 959   

Rhodes University Tuition Fees 2024/2025: Payment options

There are three ways for students of Rhodes University to pay their tuition fees and other charges. See below for details.

  1. Option 1: Students of Rhodes University can pay an initial fee payment which is roughly 10% of tuition fees and where applicable 25% of residence fees.
  2. Option 2: Students can pay the full tuition or the full tuition and residence fees via bank deposit or make an online transfer. Students who opt for this payment option will enjoy a 5% discount.
  3. Option 3: Students can also arrange the payment of the full fees by debit order with 11 monthly installments from 1 February to 1 December 2024. The debit order application form can be obtained at the Student Bureau, the Student Fees Office or on the Rhodes website under Studying, and Fees and Financial Aid. The form must be completed and signed by the owner of the bank account where the installments will be debited and returned and submitted with all other documentation to the Student Fees Office.
  4. Students can also do this via email: debitorders@ru.ac.za or fax: 046 603 7019. Ensure that you complete your applications as incomplete applications will not be accepted.
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