Top Business Schools for MBA in Nigeria

Searching for the best Business Schools for MBA in Nigeria? Then we have compiled a list of top Business Schools for MBA in Nigeria to choose from. Read on to see the list of schools where you can pursue your MBA program.

Recognizing the immense value of business education, those serious about their entrepreneurial pursuits prioritize attending business schools.

Given the increasing number of Nigerians venturing into the business world, it has become crucial for enthusiasts in Nigeria to deepen their knowledge in the field.

There are various institutions, both in Nigeria and abroad, dedicated to empowering business leaders with a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten schools for MBA programs in Nigeria. These schools are accredited by the National University Commission (NUC) and offer comprehensive business management courses tailored to students, many of whom are business owners, entrepreneurs, and top-level executives in various organizations.

Below is a compilation of schools, presented in no particular order, where you can pursue your MBA in Nigeria.

Top Business Schools For MBA In Nigeria

1. Laguna Business School (LBS)

LBS is the graduate business school of Pan-Atlantic University, owned by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation. Established in 1991, it has formed partnerships with numerous globally-minded business schools to develop responsible business leaders in Africa and beyond.

2. Executive Business School (EBS)

Incorporated in 2006, EBS began operations in 2007. It capitalizes on the growing demand for academic programs leading to British awards. EBS offers a range of law- and business-related academic and professional programs in collaboration with top British universities.

3. University of Lagos Master of Business Administration (UNILAG MBA)

UNILAG is one of Nigeria’s top universities, known for its commitment to quality education. Its MBA program has produced successful alumni who have made significant impacts both nationally and internationally.

4. West Africa Business School (WABS)

WABS, with branches in Ghana, Gambia, and Nigeria, is focused on producing intellectual assets to lead in the business world, particularly in Africa and ECOWAS.

It offers corporate training through executive open enrollment and in-house programs for organizations, as well as distance online learning.

5. International School of Management (ISM)

ISM offers a range of educational services in business management, covering undergraduate, postgraduate, and online education. The school partners with top universities globally, blending foreign and local expertise to cater to the Nigerian business landscape.

6. African Business School

This school has affiliations with Magner Carter College (UK), Graduate Management School (Cameroon), and Babcock University (Nigeria). It is known for its excellence in various business-related disciplines.

7. GPE Business School

GPE, based in Enugu State, is a non-profit organization that provides free training to individuals passionate about education, aiming to mold committed entrepreneurs and business managers.

8. Metropolitan School of Business Management

An affiliate of the Metropolitan School of Business Management in the UK, this school, located in Lagos, Nigeria, offers both online and on-campus programs, providing students the opportunity to earn a foreign degree without leaving Nigeria.

9. Rome Business School, Nigeria

Affiliated with Rome Business School in Italy, this Nigerian branch offers a range of programs focused on project work, innovation, and international impact, producing skilled managers for a better world.

10. School of Business and Entrepreneurship, American University of Nigeria

This school specializes in industry-related degree programs at various levels, partnering with numerous organizations to deliver quality education in business management.

For aspiring or emerging entrepreneurs looking to refine their business skills, attending a business school can transform their vision into reality.

An MBA equips individuals for entry-level positions in general management and provides a deep understanding of the intricacies of management. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to transition from specialized fields to managerial roles within an organization.