UNIJOS Courses and Requirements

Are you inquiring about the Comprehensive Course Catalog at the University of Jos? Or are you interested in finding out if a specific course is offered at the University of Jos?

Whichever information you seek, you’re bound to find it here. This article encompasses all the undergraduate courses available at the University of Jos, along with their respective departments and faculties.

Prospective students aiming to enroll at the University of Jos should pay close attention to this list of UNIJOS courses, including details about their departments and faculties.

List of Courses Offered at the University of Jos (UNIJOS)

Here is the complete roster of undergraduate departmental courses provided by UNIJOS.

Faculty of Agriculture and Departmental Courses

1. Agricultural Economics and Management
2. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
3. Animal Breeding, Physiology, and Biotechnology
4. Animal Production and Nutrition
5. Crop and Environmental Protection
6. Crop and Soil Science
7. Fisheries and Aquaculture
8. Forestry and Wild Life Management
9. Horticulture and Irrigation Agronomy
10. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology

Faculty of Arts and Departmental Courses

1. Archeology and Heritage Studies
2. English
3. Foreign Languages
4. History and International Studies
5. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
6. Mass Communication
7. Music
8. Religion and Philosophy
9. Theater and Film Arts

Faculty of Education and Departmental Courses

1. Arts Education
2. Educational Foundation
3. Physical and Health Education
4. Science and Technology Education
5. Social Science Education
6. Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Departmental Courses

1. Civil Engineering
2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Mining Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Departmental Courses

1. Architecture
2. Building
3. Estate Management
4. Fine and Applied Art
5. Geography Planning
6. Quantity Surveying
7. Urban and Regional Planning

Faculty of Law and Departmental Courses

1. Commercial Law
2. International Law and Jurisprudence
3. Private Law
4. Public Law

Faculty of Management Sciences and Departmental Courses

1. Accounting
2. Actuarial Science
3. Banking and Finance
4. Business Administration
5. Business Management
6. Insurance
7. Marketing

Faculty of Natural Sciences & Departmental Courses

1. Chemistry
2. Computer Science
3. Geology
4. Mathematics
5. Microbiology
6. Physics
7. Plant Science and Technology
8. Remedial Science
9. Science Laboratory Technology
10. Zoology

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science & Departmental Courses

1. Pharmacognosy and Traditional Medicine
2. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
3. Pharmacology and Toxicology
4. Pharmaceutics
5. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
6. Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology
7. Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy

Faculty of Social Sciences & Departmental Courses

1. Criminology and Security Studies
2. Economics
3. Political Science
4. Psychology
5. Sociology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Departmental Courses

1. Veterinary Theriogenology and Production
2. Veterinary Anatomy
3. Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
4. Veterinary Parasitology and Entomology
5. Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology
6. Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine
7. Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

UNIJOS College of Medical Sciences

List of Faculties and Departmental courses under the University of Jos (UNIJOS) College of Medical Sciences.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES).
1. Anaesthesiology
2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
3. Psychiatry
4. Paediatrics
5. Ophthalmology
6. Medicine
7. Chemical Pathology
8. Medical Microbiology
9. Haematology and Blood Transfusion
10. Family Medicine
11. Community Medicine
12. Orthopedics and Trauma
13. Surgery
14. Pathology
15. Radiology
16. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Faculty of Clinical Sciences (COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES)

1. Nursing Sciences
2. Medical Laboratory Sciences
3. Medical Radiology
4. Physiotherapy

Faculty of Dental Sciences (COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES)

1. Restorative Dentistry
2. Oral Pathology
3. Child Oral Health
4. Oral and Maxillofacial
5. Preventive Dentistry

In Conclusion

The University of Jos is situated along Murtala Mohammed Way, Jos, Plateau State. It is officially recognized by the National University Commission as an institution of higher learning, offering a wide array of faculties, departments, and courses, most of which have been detailed in this article.

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