UNILAG Cut Off Mark for Law

Do you have a passion for Law and a desire to study Law at the University of Lagos? Do you want to know the cut-off mark for Law at the University of Lagos (UNILAG)? If yes, you are on the right path with this article because this is precisely the purpose that this article seeks to serve. This article will provide information on the cut-off mark for Law at UNILAG, and other important information.

UNILAG Cut-Off Mark For Law 2024

The management of the University of Lagos has released the cut-off mark for law for the 2024/2025 academic session. Law as a course across all universities is a very competitive course. As such, candidates are advised to find out the cut-off mark in order to prepare better. Read below for entry requirements.

A cut-off mark is a score that guarantees any prospective student admission at UNILAG regardless of their state of origin, religious or political connections, or economic power. The UNILAG merit cut-off mark for Law is 80.00

Catchment Areas UNILAG Cut-off Mark for Law 2024

The table below provides a full view of the UNILAG Law cut-off marks for catchment areas. This is in addition to the merit cut-off mark.

1. Merit 80.25
2. Ekiti State 75.50
3. Lagos State 78.54
4. Ogun State 77.25
5. Oyo State 78.425
6. Ondo State 77.025
7. Osun State 76.975

What this table implies is that any prospective candidate of Law in UNILAG with an aggregate score of 78.54 will gain admission if they are indigenes of Lagos. The same applies to other catchment areas. We can otherwise refer to the UNILAG cut-off given above as the merit departmental cut-off mark for Law.

How to Calculate UNILAG Aggregate Score in 2024

To calculate your UNILAG aggregate score, you should bear the following in mind:

  1. Consider your JAMB score.
  2. Factor in your Post UTME score.
  3. O’level grades and their points should also be considered

Kindly follow the steps below to calculate your UNILAG aggregate score:

Step 1:

Calculate your O’level subjects grades using the grading system below.

  • A1 = 4.0
  • B2 = 3.6
  • B3 = 3.2
  • C4 = 2.8
  • C5 = 2.4
  • C6 = 2.0
  1. You are aware that only five core subjects are required from your O’level, and this applies to any other course you want to study. The calculation of your O’level subjects grades must be done only on the five important subjects. English and Mathematics are compulsory.
  2. UNILAG aggregate score is on a scale of 1 – 100, divide your JAMB score by 8. Keep the result you get for the final calculation.
  3. Now, add the results of the calculations above (O’level grade and JAMB score). Then add the sum to your UNILAG post-UTME screening score.

Whatever you get after step three above is your final UNILAG aggregate.

We hope that we have provided you with proper guidance on UNILAG Cut-Off Mark for Law, go through this article properly to gain from the knowledge we have shared.

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