University of Mkar Postgraduate Courses and Requirements

  1. They must have a bachelor’s degree from this University or any other recognized University
  2. Be a person who holds other qualification(s) recognized by the senate of the University of Lagos.
  3. In addition to (i) and (ii) above, an applicant may be required, as a condition for admission, to undergo a selection process in the form of written and/or oral examinations.

Important Notice

  1. Candidates who are currently serving or have not served in the National Youth Service Corps program are not allowed to apply.
    2. Candidates who are awaiting Bachelor’s degree results are not allowed to apply.
    3. Candidates who hold degrees obtained from an Outreach/Satellite are not eligible to apply.
    4. All academic transcripts must reach the Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the start of the session admission is being sought.

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