Academic qualifications are as important as other necessities of life, especially in today’s world. As we continue to experience the continuous evolution in education, it is easier to get educational qualifications through distant learning and other online institutions. Conventional academic institutions known to offer copious certificates, diplomas and degrees in various fields of study are now giving limited access to students considering the global health challenges that marred every facet of life since late 2019. This should not be a discouraging factor to anyone who intends to acquire an educational qualification in a preferred discipline. As it has been from time immemorial, with emerging global trends and challenges, the quest for knowledge and certifications is instinctive in humans.

More so, in a world where there is so much competition among individuals in various institutions, cooperate organizations and social gatherings, additional academic qualification(s) may be one of the needed criteria to distinguish persons in such situations. Thus, this write up will guide you to understand reasons why you may need an advanced academic qualification in your chosen field of endeavour.

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Job Advantage

Every job title has a stipulated qualification allotted by the organization and they practically would not attend to anyone with lesser qualifications. It is very possible that even with needed qualifications applicants would likely present their experiences too. However, a lot persons who aspire to get additional academic qualifications do so to have advantage over their contemporaries at work.

There is always a stiff competition amongst staff of every organization or institution to become the preferred by their superiors, and it is mostly assumed that those with higher academic qualifications in the field would be more knowledgeable to deliver at work. This is simply why most job adverts include that an additional qualification would be of advantage.

Pay Rise

Although most organizations pay based on performances and experiences not academic qualifications, but there are equally a lot of organizations that pay based on staff qualifications. These include government institutions and some cooperate organizations. As such, people who aspire to work in such places should acquire more academic and professional qualifications to put them in pole position for the jobs which comes with enormous pay rise in most cases.

In developed countries, workers are always offered “on the job training” with a corresponding pay rise to foster staff development as well as organization’s productivity. If you are open to such opportunity at your work place, do well to embrace wholeheartedly


Every institution is known to have their cedar with which enable staffs to climb through to the leadership positions overtime. As explained above, while staff preference by superiors is attributed to experience and performance, higher qualifications are needed during organizations appraisal to effect a change in every staff status. Workers with higher academic or professional qualifications are more liable to gain promotion through the ranks to the higher positions at work. This is why most institutions for higher learning don’t allow a lecturer to attain the rank of a professor without the highest educational degree known as the ‘Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)’.

Career Authority

It is certain that everyone has a career path they are pursuing or will like to attain and this is so dear to them. Most careers are already saturated with so many talents in that field, making it very difficult for newbies in the field to gain prominence. However, to become a voice or exert authority in that field is simply by acquiring more academic and professional qualifications.

For instance, a young medical officer will need to study to specialize in a certain field of medicine and would need further academic qualifications that will help him grow to become a medical consultant. That is the dream of every medical practitioner. Do you want to be known for what you do? Study. You want people to listen to you when you talk about something? Study.

Mentorship and Versatility

Every individual may be unique as we all assume. But it is also believed that whatever you know today must be passed on to others (mentees) to make the world a better place. Like the computers evolution, better versions a produced day after day. Just imagine a better version of you. But before you can pass on knowledge, study harder and if possible to the highest level in that your field of endeavour so as to be knowledgeable enough to impact others. Keep learning and acquire the qualifications you need to be apt whenever you are called upon to deliver. You will have to pass on quality. You will want to reproduce a mentee better than you.

May be when you had your formal education there were no computer applications as seen today in your discipline, instead of archaic methods of sorting official stuffs you can get trained on the use of computers as applied to your field study. This may be the profound breakthrough you ever needed. You have to be versatile to function optimally in this ever changing world. Yes, you have to choose to get an additional qualification. Remember, no knowledge is a waste.

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Ordinarily, a lot of people usually get perturbed about their next line of action after attaining a qualification in one field but probably feel they need to change their career. Instead of going back to the scratch to start afresh, several learning institutions offer certificates, diplomas and degrees which you can get within a shorter duration of study (3months -12months). Also, short courses are available for those who are always occupied by their work to enable them get the needed academic or professional advantage to boost their careers and make them outstanding in their chosen field of endeavor.

You never might have thought you need an additional qualification, but I hope that after reading this article you maybe reconsider your stand and take a new decision. You don’t necessarily need the expensive qualifications or from apex institutions if you cannot afford such. Just look around and check the internet you might get it at an affordable fee. Be inspired!