Baze University Hostel Accommodation Fee 2024/2025 Academic Session

Are you aspiring to study at Baze University? Do you plan on staying in the campus hostel during your study? Baze University has luxurious and affordable hostels well furnished to suit the taste of any student. The Baze University hostel fee varies from hostel to hostel and it’s also based on the type of program you are pursuing at the time of your application.

If you are interested, we have provided a breakdown of Baze University hostel accommodation fee and the steps on how you can successfully apply.

Baze University Hostel Accommodation Fee 2024/2025

Private accommodation (one person per room) costs N715,412 per semester. Shared accommodation (two persons per room) costs N357,706 per semester. Students are strongly advised to confirm the availability of Accommodation in the Hostel Portal before making payment.

How To Apply For Baze University Hostel

  1. Visit the Babcock University portal
  2. Fill in the box after the link loading, the details need are the matriculation number and password of your profile.
  3. Locate at HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION inside your profile
  4. Follow and fill in all the details as required by the portal. Make sure you filled them well; don’t be too fast so that you won’t make any mistakes.
  5. Proceed to the payment page. Use any type of Bank ATM Card to make the payment quickly; don’t wait for anything so that you won’t be left behind.
  6. After the payment, print the slip immediately or screenshot if you made the transaction through a phone.

Additional Information

As a student, it is of utmost importance to know the rules and regulations governing Baze University hostel and adhere to them. The rules are put into place to keep things in order.

Here are the rules guiding Baze University Hostel it is in your best interest to know these rules at your fingertips.

  • Students are strictly not allowed to design or write anything on the wallpapers of either their rooms or hostel premises
  • Students are not permitted to use high-power consume and dangerous appliance such as gas cooker/cylinder, iron, and boiling rings e.t.c
  • Students are warned to refrain from any kind of group that teaches or practices violence like cults and others.
  • Students are strictly not allowed to go into their opposite gender hostel i.e Male students aren’t allowed to visit or enter female students hostel.
  • While student parents’ decided to visit their children in the hostel, they should note that security officers in charge would search them.

Conclusion: We hope this page was helpful. If you have any questions about Baze University please kindly drop them in the comment section below and our team of research experts will reach out to you with adequate answers.