FUHSA Intra/Inter University Transfer Form 2024/2025

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Azare has made the necessary steps for intra-university (Change of Course) and inter-university transfer public. We will give you all the necessary requirements and instructions in this blog.

All students at the Federal University of Health Science Azare (FUHSA), are thus informed of the processes that must be followed for intra and inter-university transfers.

The prerequisites include required courses, departmental approval, JAMB regularization, and different transfer fees ranging from 250,000 to 2,500,000.

Making decisions is a big part of starting an academic journey, and sometimes those decisions need to be changed. The Federal University of Health Science, Azare (FUHSA) offers a straightforward and well-organized transfer process, whether you’re changing your field of study there or coming from another university. The process and prerequisites for both intra-university (Change of Course) and inter-university transfers are explained in this article.

Procedure on How to Begin the Transfer

Online is where you start the transfer process, and you’ll need to:

1. Fill out the appropriate application form on the FUHSA website.

  • In order to move between universities or within universities (Change of Course).
  • It costs 50,000 Naira (N50,000) to submit an application.

The Requirements

The prerequisites guarantee a seamless transition and give every student looking to transfer an equal playing field.

1. It depends on if there is a vacancy.

2. Inter-University Transfer:

3. Candidates must provide academic credentials and have five (5) ‘O’ Level credits, including English and Math.

4. For transfer to the 200 level, all prior coursework must be passed.

  •  Obtain approval from the department, faculty, and university

5. Candidates for the MBBS in Medicine and Surgery and the BDS in Dentistry must have CGPAs of at least 4.00.

  • For the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, you need a CGPA of 1.50.

6. Find out the most recent departmental, faculty, and university clearances and releases.

7. Must complete any required prerequisite classes offered by the receiving department.

8. Must submit an Indemnity Form and regularize transfer or change of course with JAMB.

9. Candidates may only be transferred once.

10. Upon approval, make the following non-refundable payments for the necessary fees:

  • Change of Course (Intra-University Transfer): N250,000
  • Transfer from Public University within Nigeria: N350,000
  • Transfer from Private Universities within Nigeria: N1,500,000
  • Transfer from Foreign Universities: N2,500,000.

That is all there is to know regarding the FUHSA Intra/Inter University Transfer Form 2024. Please be aware that if you have any questions about the topic, you can contact us through the comment box below, and we will be pleased to help.