How to Change JAMB Subject Combination After Registration 2024

Did you make a wrong subject combination and want to know how to Change JAMB Subject Combination after registration? If so, you are on the right page.

Have you ever found yourself in a critical situation, desperately seeking effective procedures to rectify errors in your JAMB subject combinations? Well, today could be your fortunate day.

If you mistakenly registered for the 2024 JAMB exam with the wrong subject combination, you have the opportunity to enhance your chances of success by updating your registration at any nearby CBT location.

During JAMB registration, a lot of applicants make errors, with one common mistake being the selection of incorrect subject combinations. This particular mistake can have repercussions for your admission to any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

As a result of that, questions like “Is it possible to change my subject combination after registration?” often arise after such errors occur during UTME registration.

This article will guide you through the right steps to take towards fixing the wrong subject combination in JAMB.

Can I Change JAMB Subject Combination?

Yes, you can effect a change in the subject combination you selected in JAMB after registration. This information was verified by JAMB through its official Twitter account (JAMBHQ).

How To Change JAMB Subject Combination After Registration

As mentioned previously, it is possible to modify or rectify JAMB subject combinations, but this adjustment is permissible only before taking the exam. Once the exam has been taken, the registered subjects cannot be altered.

Can I Change my JAMB Subject Combination After Registration?

Indeed, you have the option to change your JAMB subject combination even after completing the UTME registration. JAMB has verified this on Twitter in response to an applicant facing a similar concern. JAMB specifies that such changes can be made only before the exam, and the deadline for changing subject combinations is usually provided by JAMB.

To bring about this change, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you check the appropriate JAMB subject combination for your intended course to prevent repeating any errors.
  2. Once you’ve verified the correct combination, find the nearest JAMB-accredited center with the proper subject alignment.
  3. Proceed to request a change of subject through JAMB.

Please note that there is a nominal fee associated with this process, and it must be completed before the main UTME exam.

Once the examination is completed, altering your chosen subject combination becomes impossible. Instead, it is recommended to switch to a course compatible with your designated combination.

In essence, if you aspire to pursue medicine and opt for English, mathematics, chemistry, and physics, be aware that this combination is inappropriate for many institutions offering MBBS.


In all, it is recommended that you visit the nearest JAMB CBT centre to either apply for a change in subject combination or switch to a different course.

Consider shifting to Engineering or science courses that align with your chosen combination to avoid missing out on admission for the current year. It’s crucial to understand that even with a high score of 370, having an incorrect subject combination may result in not being granted admission.