How to Change Your Date of Birth in WAEC 

How to Change Your Date of Birth in WAEC: Have you ever noticed a mistake in your WAEC certificate’s name or date of birth? You’re not by yourself. Numerous pupils have encountered this problem and are keen to discover a resolution.

Thankfully, there is a process in place for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to handle such issues. We’ll lead you through the process in this guide to fix any errors on your WAEC certificate so that your credentials are current and correct.

How to Change Your Date of Birth in WAEC

For school and external candidates: 

Find the WAEC state or zonal office that is nearest to your place to start. To be sure that the correctional process is legitimate, you must go through the official channels.

Obtain an Attestation Letter:

Go to the administrative office of your school and ask for an attestation letter. This document proves that you were and still are an actual student at that university. It’s an essential step in confirming your affiliation with the school and your identity.

Draft an application letter:

Compose a brief letter outlining the inaccuracy on your WAEC certificate and the necessary rectification. Make sure you include all the information required, such as your candidate number and examination year, so that your records can be easily tracked down.

Present your birth certificate:

WAEC will need to verify the birthdate information you submitted using an official record. When you visit the WAEC office, make sure you bring the original copy of your birth certificate.

Provide the Original WAEC Result

You must provide the original WAEC result that contains the problem in order to identify the fault and make the required changes. This stage makes sure that the repair process is accurate and clear.

A sworn affidavit is essential.

A legal record is essential when implementing official modifications. Get a high court to issue a sworn affidavit that specifically corrects the birthdate on your WAEC certificate. The requested amendments have legal support thanks to this document.

For Graduates:

You will need to submit supplementary documentation if you are a graduate of secondary school. Show the register from your school or any other proof that you were a member of the graduating class.

Make the Payment

There are frequently costs involved with administrative procedures. You will be required to pay N10,000 for this adjustment. Make sure the receipt you receive for your payment is official. Your request will be processed by the WAEC office as soon as the payment is verified. When your revised certificate is prepared for pickup, they will let you know.

Approach Your School

The main point of contact for any WAEC-related matters is still your school. Start by sending the required paperwork to the principal of your school. They will serve as a point of contact between you and WAEC, submitting a formal request on your behalf for the rectification.

Visit Your Examination Center

Return to the educational setting where you completed the WAEC exam. It’s important since your exam records are kept here.

Inform the school management:

Talk to the coordinator of the exam or the administration of the institution. Give a detailed explanation of the mistake you found on your WAEC certificate, emphasizing that you plan to fix it.

Submit the Required Documents

Documentation is necessary for all official processes. Make sure you include all the paperwork required to substantiate your assertion. Recall that whether you registered through a school or on your own, the same set of documents are needed.

The process of making corrections is not free. It may vary depending on the administrative policies of the institution, but you should budget approximately N10,000 or a little bit more. Obtain an official acknowledgment or receipt for all payments made.

Note: You can anticipate a 4- to 6-month wait period after successfully submitting your request and completing the payment for WAEC to process and complete it.