How to Get NYSC Evaluation Letter For Foreign Graduates

Are you a graduate from a well-recognized institution overseas? Do you wish to know How to Get an NYSC Evaluation Letter For Foreign Graduates? If the answer to the above is affirmative then this is an opportunity you have been longing for.

This page will serve as a guide in your research on How to Get an NYSC Evaluation Letter, its significance, how to process it, and why you need an evaluation letter as a foreign graduate. If you fall in this category we strongly advise you to sit tight and digest this piece of writing.

What is an NYSC Evaluation Letter

Nigerian citizens who finished their studies overseas and would like to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, must submit the required NYSC Evaluation LetterIt’s a document from Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education validating the credibility and certification status of the international university where the graduate earned their degree.

This NYSC Evaluation Letter is an important document that serves as evidence that the institution in which the foreign graduate enrolled him or herself, meets all the requirements for eligibility for registration and active participation in the NYSC scheme.

The process to get the letter involves the graduate’s school compiling a list of graduates and sending it to the Federal Ministry of Education. Next, before sending out the evaluation letters, the ministry assesses the foreign institution’s credentials and accreditation status.

As a foreign graduate, you are advised to check the accreditation status of your university and request an evaluation letter before proceeding to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal for the registration process.

Why Do I Need an NYSC Evaluation Letter?

Institutions that are situated in countries like the UK, the US, and other well-recognized countries may not necessarily need an evaluation letter. The NYSC administration may, however, you may be asked to upload the evaluation letter to complete the registration criteria if your degree was earned from an African nation or institution.

Nigerians are strongly advised to refrain from enrolling in institutions in countries like Ghana, Niger, Togo, Benin Republic, and other African countries, according to the National University Commission (NUC). Because many educational institutions in those countries are not accredited.

The accreditation status of your overseas institution will be confirmed by the Ministry of Education during the review process. When applying for review, it is advised to check the certification status with the administration of your school.

You must scan and upload the necessary documents as directed after receiving the evaluation message on your NYSC dashboard.

How To Process Your NYSC Evaluation Letter

If you are a graduate from overseas and after your online registration, you come across messages like YOU ARE NOT EVALUATED. This implies that you need an evaluation letter.

As a foreign graduate, you will be required to apply for the NYSC Evaluation letter. To actualize this, you need some due processes which include the following.

1. Make a photocopy of your certificate or degree obtained from a foreign institution.

2. Enclose copies of your mark sheets or academic transcript, which list the courses you took and the grades you achieved.

3. You are required to submit your letter of admission from the foreign institution which will serve as proof of your enrollment.

4. Send a scanned copy of your international passport, ensuring that the page displaying your visa details and the data page containing your data are included.

5. A copy of your residency permit valid for the whole time you were studying in an ECOWAS country should be included.

Please note that further requirements may be required based on your specific circumstance or the results of the assessment.

During your application process, it is expected that you pay 500 naira for the processing fee before the evaluation letter is issued to you.

Why Have I Not Been Evaluated By NYSC?

Subsequently, after going through the above processes, there could be several reasons why NYSC has not evaluated you: Some of them include;

1. Evaluation letter not submitted: Your evaluation letter is a mandatory requirement for graduates with international education and training, therefore if you haven’t submitted it yet, please do so. As you submit the required documents for evaluation, make sure you adhere to the established procedure.

2. Processing time: To ensure accuracy, the review procedure could take some time. Verification procedures are frequently used in evaluations to confirm the legitimacy of the supporting documentation and the institution’s accreditation status. Please exercise patience and let NYSC finish the assessment.

It is suggested to get in touch with NYSC via their official website to get clarity and find out the status of your evaluation if you have filed your evaluation letter and there hasn’t been any word on it for some time. They will have the capacity to offer you the direction and support that you require.

Thank you for reading this article.