List of University of Jos Postgraduate Courses

Are you a graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university and wish to obtain a postgraduate degree (PGDE, MSc, and PhD) in any course of your choice from the University of Jos? Worry less because this is the right place to be.

The management of the University of Jos (UNIJOS) has made available a compiled list of programmes offered by its postgraduate school for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Therefore, this article highlights the list of courses offered at the University of Jos (UNIJOS) for eligible candidates who wish to enrol.

Also, we shall educate you on the admission requirements needed before obtaining admission into the University of Jos (UNIJOS). We encourage you to continue reading the article below for more in-depth information.

List of University of Jos Postgraduate Courses


Department of Nigerian Languages and Linguistics

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Linguistics

M.A. programmes:

M.A. Linguistics

Department of English Language

M.A. Programmes:

1. A. English Language

2. A. Literature in English

Department of Foreign Languages 

M.Phil/Ph.D programmes:

1. Phil/Ph.D. French (African Literature in French)

2. Phil/Ph.D. French (Literature in French)

3. Phil/Ph.D. French (Comparative Literature)

M.A. Programmes:

1.  A. French (African Literature in French)

2. A. French (Literature in French)

3. A. French (Comparative Literature)

Department of History and International Studies 

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

1. Phil/Ph.D. African History

2. Phil/Ph.D. Economic History

3. Phil/Ph.D. History and International Studies

M.A. Programmes:

1. A. African History

2. A. Economic History

3. A. History and International Studies.

Department of Religion and Philosophy

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

1. Phil/Ph.D. Ethics and Philosophy

2. Phil/Ph.DAfrican Traditional Religion

3. Phil/Ph.D. Church History

4. Phil/Ph.D. New Testament

5. Phil/Ph.D. Old Testament

6. Phil/Ph.D. Arabic

7. Phil/Ph.D. Interaction of Religion

8. Phil/Ph.D. Sociology of Religions

M.A. Programmes:

1.  A. Ethics and Philosophy

2. A. Traditional African Religion

3. A. Church History

4. A. New Testament

5. A. Old Testament

6. A. Arabic

7. A. Islamic Studies

8. A. Interaction of Religion

9. A. Sociology of Religions

 Department of Theater and Film Arts

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

1. Phil/Ph.D. Play Directing/Production

2. Phil/Ph.D. Dramatic Literature

3. Phil/Ph.D.Play Creating

M.A. Programmes:

1. A. Play Directing/Production

2. A. Dramatic Literature

3. A. Play Creating

 Department of Mass Communication

 M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

MPhil/Ph.D. Mass Communication

M.A. Programmes:

M.A.  Mass Communication


 Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D Hearing Handicap

2. Phil/Ph.D Learning Disabilities

3. Phil/Ph.D Visual Handicaps

 M.Ed. Programmes:

1. Ed. Hearing Handicap

2. Ed. Learning Disabilities

3. Ed. Visual Handicaps.

Department of Arts Education

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1. English Education

2. Phil/Ph.D. History and International Studies Education

3. Phil/Ph.D. Religion Education

M.A./M.Ed. Programmes:

1. Ed. English Education

2. A. Ed. History and International Studies Education

 Department of Educational Foundation

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1. Phil/Ph.D. Guidance and Counseling

2. Phil/Ph.D. Philosophy of Education

3. Phil/Ph.D. Sociology of Education

4. Phil/Ph.D. Educational Psychology

5. Phil/Ph.D. Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation

6. Phil/Ph.D. Educational Administration and Planning

M.Ed. Programmes:

1.  Ed. Guidance and Counseling

2. Ed. Philosophy of Education

3. Ed. Sociology of Education

4. Ed. Educational Psychology

5. Ed. Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation

6. Ed. Educational Administration and Planning

 Department of Social Science Education

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Social Studies Education

M.Ed./M.Sc. Ed. Programmes:

1. Ed. Social Studies Education

2. Sc. Ed. Economics Education

 Department of Science and Technology Education

 M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D. Biology Education

2. Phil/Ph.D. Chemistry Education

3. Phil/Ph.D. Physics Education

4. Phil/Ph.D. Educational Technology

5. Phil/Ph.D. Mathematics Education

6. Phil/Ph.D. Science Education

7. Phil/Ph.D. Curriculum Studies

 M.Sc.Ed Programmes:

1.  Sc. Ed. Biology Education

2. Sc. Ed. Chemistry Education

3. Sc. Ed. Physics Education

4. Sc. Ed. Educational Technology

5. Sc. Ed. Mathematics Education

6. Sc. Ed. Geography Education

7. Sc. Ed. Science Education

8. Sc. Ed. Curriculum Studies


 Department of Architecture

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Architecture

M.Sc. programmes:

M.Sc. Architecture

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture (PGDARCH)

 Department of Building

M.Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil./Ph.D. in Construction Management

2. Phil./Ph.D. Construction Technology

 M.Sc. Programmes:

1. Sc. Construction Management

2. Sc. Construction Technology

Postgraduates Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma Building (PGD BLDG)

 Department of Geography and Planning

 M.Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil./Ph. D Environmental and Resources Planning (ERP)

2. Phil./Ph. D Population and Man Power Planning (PMP)

M.Sc. Programmes:

1. Sc. Environmental and Resources Planning (ERP)

2. Sc. Population and Man Power Planning (PMP)

 Department of Urban and Regional Planning

1. Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

2. Phil./Ph.D. Urban and Regional Planning

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning


 M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes

1.  Phil/Ph.D. Law

2. Phil/Ph.D. Law and Diplomacy

Masters’ Programmes:

1. Master in Law (LL.M)

2. A. Law and Diplomacy (MALD)


Department of Accounting and Finance

1.  M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

2.  M.Phil/Ph.D Accounting and Finance

3.  M.Sc. Programmes:

4. M.Sc. Accounting and Finance

5.  PGD Programmes:

6. Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting

 Department of Business Administration

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Management

Master’s Programmes:

1. Sc. Management

2. Executive Master in Business Administration

 PGD Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Management


Department of Human Physiology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Human Physiology (with areas of specialization in

1. Endocrinology

2. Gastrointestinal Physiology

3. Haematology

4. Natural Products of System Physiology

5. Neurophysiology

6. Reproductive Endocrinology

7. Renal Physiology

8. Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System)

 M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Human Physiology

Department of Human Anatomy

M.Phil/Ph.DHuman Anatomy

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Human Anatomy

 Department of Biochemistry

 M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Biochemistry

Department of Medical Microbiology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Medical Microbiology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology

 Department of Community Medicine

 Master’s Programmes:

1.  Master Public Health (MPH)

2.  Sc. Clinical Epidemiology

3. Sc. Field Epidemiology

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme

M.Phil/Ph.D.  Reproductive Sciences

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Reproductive Sciences

Department of  Medical Laboratory Science

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. with Areas of Specialization:

1. Chemical Pathology

2. Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science

3. Medical Microbiology

4. Histopathology

5. Immunology and immunochemistry

M.Sc. Programmes

M.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science


Department of Computer Science

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Computer Science

 Department of Geology


1.  Phil/Ph.D. Ore Geology

2. Phil/Ph.D. Geochemistry

3. Phil/Ph.D. Environmental Geology

M.Sc. Programmes:

1.  Sc. Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology

2. Sc. Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

3. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Geology (PDEG)

4. Postgraduate Diploma in Mining Geology (PDMG)

 Department of Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

Phil/Ph.D. Atomic and Nuclear Physics

1. Phil/Ph.D. Solid State Physics

2. Phil/Ph.D. Acoustics

3. Phil/Ph.D. Atmospheric Physics

4. Phil/Ph.D. Electronic and Telecommunication

5. Phil/Ph.D. Geophysics

6. Phil/Ph.D. Biophysics and Radiation Physics

7. Phil/Ph.D. Solar Energy Physics

M.Sc. Programmes:

1. Sc. Pure Physics

2. Sc. Applied Physics

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics Electrical Technology and Physics

 Department of Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D. Applied Analytical Chemistry

2. Phil/Ph.D. Applied Inorganic Chemistry

3. Phil/Ph.D. Applied Organic Chemistry

4. Phil/Ph.D. Applied Physical Chemistry

M.Sc. Programmes:

1. Sc. Applied Analytical Chemistry

2. Sc. Applied Inorganic Chemistry

3. Sc. Applied Organic Chemistry

4. Sc. Applied Physical Chemistry

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Industrial Chemistry.

 Department of Plant Science and Technology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

2. Phil/Ph.D Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology

 M.Sc. Programmes:

  • Sc. Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding
  • Sc. Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology

 Department of Zoology

 M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D. Entomology (with specialization in Entomology (Medical, Agricultural and General),

2. Phil/Ph.D. Parasitology(Medical, Veterinary and General)

3. Phil/Ph.D. Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

M.Sc. Programmes:

1.  Sc. Applied Entomology and Parasitology

2. Sc. Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

3. Sc. Conservation Biology

 Department of Microbiology


1.  Phil/Ph.D Microbial Biotechnology

2. Phil/Ph.D Food and Industrial Microbiology

3. Phil/Ph.D Environmental Microbiology

4. Phil/Ph.D Public Health and Sanitary Microbiology

5. Phil/Ph.D Medical Microbiology and Immunology

M.Sc. Programmes:

1. Sc. Microbial Biotechnology

2. Sc. Food and Industrial Microbiology

3. Sc. Environmental Microbiology

4. Sc. Public Health and Sanitary Microbiology

5. Sc. Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology

 Department of Mathematics

M.Phil/Ph.D programmes:

1.  Phil/Ph.D. Abstract Algebra

2. Phil/Ph.D. Numerical Analysis

3. Phil/Ph.D. Biomathematics

4. Phil/Ph.D. Control Theory

UNIJOS Postgraduate Admission Form General Eligibility and Requirement

1. Candidates must have five O’ Level credit passes, including English, Mathematics, and other pertinent disciplines.

2. Candidates for admission to the University of Jos’ Master’s or Postgraduate Diploma programs must have a strong (First or Second Class) undergraduate degree from this university or one of the other universities recognized by the university’s senate. Preferably a First degree

3. Must be in a discipline relevant to the programme into which admission is being sought.

4. A candidate seeking admission into an M.Phil/Ph.D programme must in addition possess a Master’s degree in the relevant discipline.

5. M.Phil/Ph.D candidates are in addition required to have returned a Cumulative Score Average (CSA) of 60% and above in the final assessment result for the Master’s Degree as well as 60% and above in the Research Project. On admission,

6. M.Phil/Ph.D candidates register for M.Phil in the first instance and on satisfactory performance may be subsequently upgraded to PhD registration.

7. For all admissions, degree result transcripts are required.

8. There will be full-time broadcasts of all advertised programs.

This is all we have to say about the List of University of Jos Postgraduate Courses. Do well to check back on us for more information.