JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

Do you have intentions of studying medicine and surgery in any school of your choice in Nigeria? Do you know the JAMB cut off mark to study medicine and surgery? If you do not know, do not fret, we are here to provide you with all the required information about the JAMB cut-off mark for medicine and surgery. Read through this article carefully to get more information on this topic.

JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery as a course in the university is a very competitive course. It is also an essential course of study as graduates of this course are involved in saving and improving lives.

Medicine and Surgery is a six-year course. After the program, graduates are awarded an MBBS. The JAMB cut-off mark for medicine and surgery is relatively high, candidates are expected to score at least 300 in JAMB to be eligible to study this course.

Getting a score of 300 and a great score in the post-UTME enhances one’s chance of getting admitted to study medicine and surgery. JAMB scores are usually calculated together with the post-UTME and an aggregate score is realized, this aggregate score determines whether a candidate will be admitted or not. Let us take a quick look at how aggregate scores are calculated.

Calculating Aggregate Score For Medicine And Surgery

There are various methods of calculating aggregate scores, different universities adopt different methods. Below is an example of how aggregate scores are calculated using the JAMB score.

  1. JAMB Score divided by 8, plus Post-UTME score divided by 2 (applicable for schools using Post-UTME and JAMB).
  2. JAMB Score divided by 8, plus Post UTME 30% and O’ level 20% (for schools considering JAMB, Post-UTME, and O’ level).
  3. JAMB Score divided by 8 + O’ level (constituting the remaining 50%).

From the calculation above, it is evident that your chances of getting admitted lean heavily on your JAMB score, therefore, achieving a high JAMB score should be a top priority if you want to study medicine and surgery.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with proper guidance on the JAMB Cut-Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery, please go through this article properly in order to gain from the knowledge we have shared.

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