NYSC Allowance for Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Others

Do you know that the NYSC allowance earned by medical doctors, nurses, and other health workers differs from that of the rest? This is a wonderful realization for you we guess.

Every year, the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the National Youth Service Corps recruits thousands of corp members to serve the nation.

NYSC program has been in existence since 1973 and was initiated by the Yakubu Gowon regime as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of the nation after the civil war.

This program is highly funded by the Federal Government and corp members are been placed on a monthly stipend. Although the amount received by active corp members varies depending on the services rendered.

The current allowance for most corps members is N33,000 monthly. This sum is paid directly by the Federal Government, through the NYSC.

However, corps members’ Place of Primary Assignments (PPA) and their state of deployment often provide an additional stipend.

It is of great interest to know that Medical doctors, nurses, and other health workers who are rendering their services in the NYSC earn an allowance that is relatively higher than others because of the arduous nature of their job and the risk they are being exposed to at work.

Are you eager to explore more on this? If yes, we have outlined the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) allowance for medical corp members in different states this will broaden your understanding of the NYSC allowance.

NYSC Allowance for Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Others

  1. Akwa Ibom state (State N31,000, Teaching Hospital N75,000)
  2. Bayelsa state (¥State N75,000, Federal Medica Centre N89,000)
  3. Delta state (¥States N82,000 Federal Medica Centre 70,000)
  4. Borno state (States N100,000 neuro psych N120,000, Teaching Hospital N170,000)
  5. Kwara state (State N44,000, Teaching Hospital N60,000)
  6. Ebonyi state (State N15,000 for doctors and N5,000 for pharmacist)
  7. Anambra State (State N45,000, Teaching Hospital N35,000)
  8. Oyo state (State N69,000)
  9. Kwara State (States N44,000 Teaching Hospital N60,000)
  10. Ondo State (From N90,000 to 100,000*)
  11. Kano (N66,000)
  12. Gombe (State N65,000*, Federal university clinic N103,000)
  13. Ekiti (State N65,000)
  14. Benue (between N50 and N72,000)
  15. Imo State (IMO state poly N50,000. Nekede poly N60,000. State facilities N40,000)
  16. Lagos State (between N25,000 and N75,000)
  17. Kogi (From N41,000 to N70,000)
  18. Ogun (between N54,000 and N77,000)
  19. Jigawa (State N26,800, Dutse GH N40,00, TH N45,000, government clinic N28,000, college of education N85,000, Gumel GH N30,000)
  20. Kaduna (State from N78,000 and N83,000)
  21. Sokoto (State N50,000 Barrack N72,000)

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Considering the vital role that medical corps members play in society, it is heartening to see that they are receiving additional support. Be duly informed that every corps member gives their talents and services to the country’s expansion and improvement.

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