Registration Process for FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates

If you are a returning student of Federal University, Lafia, get in here. This blog post features the registration process for FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates, so if you need information in this regard, this post is just the thing for you.

Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA) has released the registration guidelines for returning undergraduate students for the 2024/2025 academic session. The process includes updating personal information, payment of school fees and other charges, registering for courses, and submitting the course registration form.

Registration Process for FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates

The University management has made a transition of the registration process from manual to online, this helps make the procedure easier for students. Below are the step-by-step guidelines for the online registration process:

  1.  Start by logging onto the University’s portal at
  2.  Your username is your Matric Number and your password is a combination of numbers 1-8.
  3. Once logged in, promptly update your passport photo and biodata.
  4. Click on the “PAY SCHOOL FEES” option and update your biodata. Then click on “FEES” and “PAY” to proceed with the payment of your school fees.
  5. After paying your school fees, continue to pay for any other applicable service charges.
  6. Proceed with your course registration by visiting the dashboard, clicking on “Course Registration”, then on “Semester”, and finally “First” to register for first-semester courses.
  7. Follow the prompts to register your courses for the semester.
  8. After completing the online registration, print out your course registration form and take it to your Level Adviser for endorsement.
  9. You will then visit your department (all students), Faculty (all students), and College (medical students), and submit your endorsed first-semester Course Registration Form (CRF).
  10. The last step involves visiting the Academic Affairs Division and submitting all your endorsed first semester CRF.

Penalties and Technical Support

The University’s management has stated clearly that all payments must be made via the online portal. Non-compliance with the stipulated timeline or guidelines will attract a penalty of N10,000.

In case of any technical issues in the process of registration, students are advised to reach out to the University’s support team at Any technical issues are expected t be resolved within a minimum timeframe of 48 hours.

We hope that at the end of this article, you have been able to gain more information on Registration Process for FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates. If you have further questions concerning the subject matter, please ask them in the comment box and expect our swift response.