Requirements For Master’s Degree in Nigeria

Want to know the admission requirements for a Master’s Degree in Nigeria? If you want to pursue a masters degree program in Nigeria, then this article is for you.

I am aware that some of my readers are interested in understanding the admission requirements for Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in Nigeria.

Having been in your position before, I’ve decided to share my insights based on personal experience. I completed my Master’s degree at UI and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. at FUNAAB. I hope my experiences can be helpful to you.

The demand for postgraduate admission in Nigeria is steadily increasing, a trend not unique to Nigeria but seen globally. This surge is driven by students seeking to enhance their skills and improve their employability.

The positive news is that gaining admission for postgraduate studies is generally less challenging than undergraduate admission, with more scholarship opportunities for Master’s and Ph.D. programs compared to undergraduate programs.

However, some universities, like UI and UNILAG, conduct entrance examinations for postgraduate admission, making admission to these institutions competitive for Master’s degree candidates. Fortunately, there are numerous universities in Nigeria, the UK, the USA, Canada, etc., where you can secure admission with less hassle.

Master’s Degree Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of Second Class (Upper Division), although some universities may consider Second Class candidates lower.
2. At least five O’level credits, including mathematics, English, and relevant subjects.
3. Completion of the compulsory one-year NYSC
4. English proficiency test for international students, especially in universities abroad.
5. Note: UI requires an English Proficiency Test for all Master’s and PGD candidates.

No university in Nigeria accepts an HND for Master’s degree programs. You must complete a PGD (postgraduate diploma) before proceeding to a master’s program.

Master’s degree duration varies but typically takes a minimum of 2 years (4 semesters) and a maximum of 4 years (8 semesters). However, M.Sc. programs at UI and UNILAG are completed in 18 months (3 semesters).

Ph.D. Requirements

1. A master’s degree from a recognized university approved by the Senate
2. For the Ph.D. program at another university, one-year of coursework is required, and you’ll be examined before proceeding to the Ph.D. program.
3. The Ph.D. grade in some schools is 60% or equivalent.
4. The Ph.D. program duration is a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters) and a maximum of 5 years (10 semesters).

UI has a unique Ph.D. grade system, using Ph.D. grade and MPhil/Ph.D. grade. A grade point of 3.5 out of 5 can secure your admission to the MPhil or Ph.D. if your result is from a recognized university.

Most universities in Nigeria offer admission for MPhil/Ph.D. or MSc/Ph.D. even if you didn’t complete your Master’s program at their institution. This involves one year of coursework and three years of research work.